Sheikh’s Tablet Intel?

Would anybody be able to share with me a screenshot of what the intel says on the Sheikh’s tablet found inside his bedroom safe? I can’t find any videos online about it and don’t have the game anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

In future, you can use HITMAPS to easily figure this out, but the first one is on the house:

Carlisle, Stuyvesant and Ingram have been in hiding under the wings of His Royal Highness, Omar Al-Ghazali, since their new identities were handed to them by HAVEN and they are getting ready to activate their new heirs. However, Carlisle has suddenly discovered that all of their funds have been liquidated. She assumes that it can only be the Constant and has decided to return home and take care of family business, abandoning the two others in Dubai…

(Safe Code: 7465)


Thanks so much, Konzti! And appreciate the tip!