Short question about data transferning to Hitman 3 - Xbox One

I would like to buy Hitman 3 in near future. I have got Hitman 1 and 2 with all DLC on Xbox One. After buying Hitman 2 I transfered all the locations from H1 to H2 (Hitman 1 had to be install). If I want transfer all locations from H1 and H2 to H3 will it be enough to have Hitman 2 installed?
I asked because Hitman 1 needs nearly 80Gb and Hitman 2 needs 120 Gb and it is the highest time to clean the disc and with my slow internet it could be problematic to download all the updates before running H1 just for transfer locations to Hitman 3.
Have a nice day!

No. If you redeem the locations in Hitman 3, there’s no need for keeping old installments. Just Hitman 3 is needed which takes about ~80 GB. (For all locations.)