Should I buy GPUs off of ebay?

Long story short, I’m giving my younger cousin my current rig for his birthday and I’m making a new one for myself. I wanted to know if I should trust buying gpus from ebay, I’m currently looking at an RX480 8gb and they have maintained there pricepoint, if not a couple bucks higher.

Should I buy a gpu from ebay? The price seems to be on point overall.

I’m not sure it would survive the trip :confused:. That would be my main concern, especially a GPU…
If it’s from Italy and not another country and if it’s from a known / respected PC hardware store, go for it :slight_smile:

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Known/respect pc stores don’t ship on ebay last time I checked…

and there are a lot of RX480s in Italy, more than in the US

If the card was used for amateur mining it probably went through high temps for long durations, which degrades the lifespan of the unit.

It’s hard to say, since we have no real information on the seller. I would look at their overall positive feedback and if they are a trusted seller. The thing is that buying second hand there isn’t the same security as if you use a retailer.

That said I personally used facebooks marketplace or hardware specific fb pages to sell a lot of my old hardware. That said ebay is a more secure option, with paypal and trust levels. There are a lot of fb scammers.

No. If you don’t know how to check gpus legitimacy (GPUZ etc.) don’t wanna ridiculously overspend on gpus and support trash scalping.

Yes if money is no issue and you can check gpus. If you want overall tips on your build you can put the exact specs and budget here or on my discord Masl#6969

Also a GTX1660 (maybe even super) is wayy better

Generally all seller reviews are bots anyways so if the price is good ask yourself is it too good?
And again there’s better options for gpus and a gpu selection also depends on your mobo and cpu selection judging by you spending 150 on gpu I’d say your budget is ~500 bucks and that is low end and the gpu should be more than the other parts in pricing bc gaming needs alot gpu

Aaaand you got everything wrong.

Not at all, in terms of performance for how much you spend the GTX1660 is a teddy bear compared to the RX480

Could be never tried any of them just went off feedback I got about the 1660’s and 1650’s I’ve been happy with a 1070 for a while now since upgrading gpus isnt a good idea rn

But my tips about buying still stand