Should I buy HITMAN™ 2 – Standard Edition first?

If I buy HITMAN™ 2 – Standard Edition in this summer sale steam, will Gold Edition discount when I have already DLC in Standard Edition

You won’t have any benefits in upgrading your edition.
If your goal is to own Gold Edition, I would recommend you to wait till Gold Edition will have discount.
You can try buy Silver with discount though and then buy an Upgrade to Gold when this particular item gets discounted. In this case you’ll save couple of bucks.
But mind that Gold Edition and Upgrade to Gold is different things.
If you buy Standard, you’ll need to buy Expansion Pass to make your edition as equal as Gold.
So in your case you can save couple of bucks buying Standard and then buying Expansion Pass when it will go on sale.

But if you want the fullest game possible, Gold Edition is not enough.
You also need to buy GOTY Upgrade. With it you’ll receive couple more goodies: exclusive outfits, weapons and a whole side campaign - Patient Zero


Silver Edition is no longer available to purchase.

If you’re already thinking about getting Gold Edition, then you basically have two options:

  1. Purchase Hitman 2 Standard Editon (€12) + Hitman 2 Expansion Pass (€10).
    (Standard Edition + Expansion Pass = Gold Edition)
  2. Purchase Hitman 2 Gold Edition (€22).

They’re all on sale until July 8th.

So no matter the combination, price is the same?
Bit of a strange, but okay

Yeah lol, it doesn’t often happen this way where the prices are the same no matter what you purchase.
Usually when all of them are on sale, Standard + Expansion is more expensive than Gold.