Should IOI Add the HC47, H2SA, & HC Suits to WoA?

HC47, H2SA, & HC Suits:

*H2SA and Contracts suits do look very similar but there are enough subtle differences that make them unique from each other.

**This was the best screenshot I could get to show 47 from Contracts from head to toe.

IOI added the Blood Money and Absolution suits already, would you like to see these suits represented as unlocks too? I think it would be a nice addition to the game maybe added in on the anniversary of Codename 47’s initial release. That would be close to the end of the 2023 roadmap support too.


They should , but they won’t.

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I’m not sure these are visually different enough from the signature suit to be unlocks, if you’re talking just as a suit unlock. The only thing that would really stand out is the open collar for C:47.

If the entire model updated to look like the original 47 model from each game, low poly and all, that would be fun.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but, didn’t one of the leaks reveal that the first one is already planned to be released?


Yes, but I believe the OP is talking about having them as updated suit unlocks - like how the Absolution and Blood Money unlocks adapted the look of those games to WoA versions, not complete model replacements.

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Yeah, this is what I meant really. I wasn’t aware of a leak that revealed anything about C47 skin though.

Also I get some are saying these suits don’t look too different from the signature suit, sure, but when so many items in this game are already basically the same thing repeated over and over with minor reskins I just feel these suits would at least add something for fans to play using their favorite title from the series’s suit. There’s enough subtle differences for them to each be worth having in the game. Doesn’t have to be unlocked, perhaps if the player owns the older games in their library it could unlock the suits for them that way.

The completionist in me wants these. Also more trophy suits from his “greatest hits”. Also the metal travel case you got from importing your save from H2 to H3 (which I don’t have on PC). As well as the Hitman 2 variant that’s in the files, and presumably a Hitman 3 variant could easily be created if it hasn’t already. You can literally use the same model and make stickers using ingame assets. Theoretically this could be done for Absolution, Blood Money and maybe the classic games. Relatively low effort (if IoI have indeed moved onto their other projects now) - and diehard fans would buy it.

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Oh and don’t forget this one!

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