Sieker death?!?

Its pretty infuriating spending literally 1h on a featured contract keeping SA until the last target (out of 5) just to somehow kill a civilian with my last dart missing the target from a fairly far distance…

Anyone experienced it, bug or am i missing something? It was in mendoza trying to get the asado chef that never moves, drink or smokes etc.

I believe darts kill “crowd” NPCs.

Not all NPCs are created equal.


Most likely killed an Ambient NPC which are essentially glass houses. They aren’t fleshed out NPC’s like the ones with multiple layers coded to reacted appropriately depending on the players action or in action.

These ambient NPCs are very barebones since they only have two states which are irreversible given the players action. Calm and of course panic. When the state goes panic they vacate to their nearest despawn point where they don’t reappear unlike the more layered NPC’s with purpose.

These barebones NPC’s can still penalize you if killing them, but I recommend avoiding killing them cause the game can quite literally break down and crash if too many of these NPC’s die.

These NPC’s are simply designed to make the illusions of mass crowds believable especially in a series where social stealth is a thing. They have their quirks, but ultimately they’re a solution that doesn’t impact performance unless a very specific criteria is met where they can quite literally crash your game.

Ambient NPC’s also have like no HP so anything that does damage can kill them instantaneously. Tranqs do damage hence why they killed an ambient NPC.


Ambient NPCs be like


Is it The Tinamou Retribution? If so… That chef target was the trade off from having to kill 4 targets with a lethal thrown red tie kiwi distraction (my original submission from the previous year). :joy:

Edit: There’s a couple places you can go where you should be able to hit him with a Seiker dart and not get spotted.

Edit2: There is also an extremely rare chance to toss a PT by him and forget it. His assistant will get a torch, bring it back and it will be close enough to detonate the PT killing the target. But of course there’s the potential for collateral. You might even kill Diana. :laughing:

I’ve met some of these “Ambient NPCs” in real life. :joy:


Haha yes bud, it was your contract alright.

I mean look at the hiding spot, closest is at his 7 o’clock, that was a far shot.

When making and testing the contract I shot him from the room that’s behind the gal serving drinks… This room leads down to the security area. You might have to switch shoulders when aiming (depending on which side you’re standing) and move back a bit so you don’t have any yellow suspicion meter.

I’m probably not trying this one again until I get my hour back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: