Silent Assassin Appreciation thread

Like the name of the game says, it introduced the sa raiting system which was used in furher Hitman games.

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Came here to say basically this. Contracts is the refining of SA’s concept the way SA was the refining of C47’s concept.

H2SA is definitely not underrated, it is worshiped and rightfully so.


Just finished a replay of it a few days ago, myself. It was even better than I remember it. Hope you’re having a good time of it, lad.


That was a year ago, but sure, I did. :joy:


Still get flashbacks…


I wish there was a more active online community dedicated to this game. It’s my favorite Hitman by far and super under appreciated. I love how it can be played the proper stealthy way, or it can be played entirely as a first person shooter, with no stealth and no disguises, just blasting, and both ways are equally fun and enjoyable. The way the controls are like an FPS with 47 strafing left instead of turning to walk like in Blood Money and later games, the way the first person camera is actually really showing the perspective from 47’s eye-line without changing his model, its like true first person where you can see your feet and body and the guns are held up at a realistic height which is really cool. Also, the fact that all the bullets are traveling projectile physics objects like in Max Payne, and the wild ragdoll physics, and the way 47’s tie sways in the wind when you dodge bullets by strafing, it all feels like the game was even designed with the ability to play it like a true run and gun shooter like Max Payne with the dual ballers.


Well, after nearly 2 decades no one should expect having an active community for single player game. There are exceptions, but those are outliers.