Silent assassin Strats?

I saw a silent assassin run in Dubai, where they panicked Carl Ingram and while he was being escorted, they just shot him in front of the guards and still retained the SA rating.
They were dressed as a guard as well. I’m unable to find this video because I saw it some time ago, else would have posted a link. I’m only able to find SASO runs, which was not what I saw. Can anyone explain?

Target bodyguards have a small “panic” period upon spotting you doing illegal activities where they don’t see anything.


Huh, didn’t know that. Gotta try this out. Thanks a lot!

It’s good to practice this kind of gameplay around alarmed civilians and guards.

Many times guards won’t notice you passing through in front of their eyes (good for quickly exiting missions through guarded areas), but it requires a subtle skill to be able to exploit it more consistently, otherwise they’ll catch you even under alarm.


Another thing you can do (to get through guarded areas) is fire 3 pistol shots near guards without them seeing you do this. It’ll make them run to the location you fired from, ignoring pretty much anything. As long as you have moved a few metres away from where you shot, they won’t see you, even in a trespassing or hostile area. This is very handy if you want to use the seaplane exit in Sapienza without an appropriate disguise, for example.

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The ‘Bullet Impact Noticed’ (exploit?) with 3 bullets. It’s important to listen carefully to the SFX. There’s a very short ‘Ching’ sound when they are headed to the location you shot from.

Another good example of this is The Black Hat ET. Start in the attic, shoot over to the other side through the window at one of the monitors you can see from there. The bodyguard that’s with them will be alerted. You can hear that metal like ‘Ching’ sound when he starts running.