Silent Hill series

The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh.

Let’s talk about Silent Hill, those of you who are familiar or fans. Scariest video game series ever, in my opinion. The remake of the first Resident Evil game, and the two most recent entries in that series, are pretty terrifying, but most of it is jump scares, with the atmosphere only being scary during the first sequences as the mystery builds up. With Silent Hill, the foreboding, the unnerving feeling that anything might happen at any moment, the expectation that you’ll turn a corner and see something that isn’t even dangerous to you, but is so shocking, so disturbing, so warped to the rational mind that it will make you shiver in your seat just from thinking about what it means, things like that are all over every moment of this series. Even the later entries, which do drop in quality, still have that feeling, although less effective. And those first four games, especially 2 and 3, because of the graphical detail that was missing from the first game… nothing like it had come since, although many have tried to emulate it.

The main games are:

Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill 4: The Room
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Silent Hill: Downpour

And one remake:

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

One major game that was being developed and then cancelled:

Silent Hills

And now three new games announced:

Silent Hill 2 Remake
Silent Hill: Townfall
Silent Hill F

As you can see, most games have a subtitle, except the first three, although the Xbox version of the Greatest Hits edition of the game gives it one:Restless Dreams, which I think is a good one. In fact, all of the original three can have a subtitle that makes sense based on a very significant phrase said at some point in each game, and since I like consistency with titles across a series, it always seems weird when the first entry just had the main name and all those that follow have numbers and/or subtitles. And since the series drops the number convention after the fourth game, let’s do that too, and then we have the first four, the Team Silent entries, named thusly:

Silent Hill: Mother of God
Silent Hill: Restless Dreams
Silent Hill: Rebirth of Paradise
Silent Hill: The Room

That’s better.

Silent Hill 2 remake is a bad idea, as it is another example of a company trying to further capitalize on their greatest success by trying to hammer it back into the audience that loved it over and over again, telling them see, you liked this right, well here it is, here’s more, you like it right, give us your money!

Don’t know if Townfall is going to be a continuation (:crossed_fingers: for it), or a reboot or spin-off (:crossed_fingers: it won’t be), and have no idea what F is supposed to be, other than it leans more into the Japanese origins of the series than other entries.

“If you make a sound, they’ll hear you. If you turn on a light, they’ll see you. If you think it’s scary being lost, just wait until you’re found.”

can you please recommend me the best one in this series.

i don’t agree. many potential new players are put off by the age and mechanics of the original. in my eyes, this is a chance to get more people to experience Silent Hill 2, which is a good thing

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Exactly. I don’t really see myself getting into the original RE2 with its dated polygonal graphics and tank controls, but I really enjoyed RE2 Remake.
As long as it can retain everything/most of what made the original version so iconic while upgrading it to modernized controls & graphics, then that’s a good remake IMO.


No. No, no, no, no, no. Silent Hill 2 is an absolute classic that should not be touched. They want to remaster it again, properly this time, fine. But remaking it, no, absolutely not. If new potential players can’t handle it in its original format, then they don’t deserve to have it.

very silly mindset. it’s a video game. like every other piece of media, it can be remade, remastered a billion times over. the original will still exist in one form or another


And I must go to my inner Ian Malcom on this one; just because it can, does not mean it should.

They won’t be experiencing Silent Hill 2 though, they’ll be experiencing a Bloober Team game.

What’s wrong with Bloober Team? I’m not going to question the remake but I see so many people on this forum bemoaning against them like they’re a separate problem, moreso it raises the question to the extent whenever game developers are punished instead of upcoming video game titles.

By “so many people” I think you just mean me, because i’ve made 2 posts about having little faith in them handling this remake well. I just don’t think they’re capable of remaking a game like Silent Hill 2. That’s basically it.

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There were a few others in the upcoming video games thread incomparably expressing displeasure of the remake so my post was in vein of that. With that said, I am still unsure why they would be incapable. What makes Bloober Team any different?

Nobody else mentioned Bloober Team, they were just annoyed at the game being remade at all.

I’m not 100% against that on principle, I just don’t think Bloober Team make good games.

Yeah, I’m not even picking on BT specifically, as I wouldn’t even trust Team Silent themselves with it. Silent Hill 2, for any reasons or under any circumstances, should never be remade.