Situations where 47 ruins innocent people lives

Playing Dubai and doing the disturbing the peace challenge where Carl Ingram is disturbed by noises and menaces to fire all of the staff (leaving people without a job), i’ve thought of how many times does 47 indirectly ruins other’s people lives. I’m interested in situations like this in the new games, but you can say situations from every Hitman game.

EDIT: obviously 47 can kill them all, but i’m not talking about that xd talking about more “canon” situations


when 47 knocks out a guard and kills the target they were protecting, you can be rest assured that guard’s career is over.

now think about how many guards you’ve knocked out.


Even without knocking them out. All there careers and reputation will be ruined.

If they own a home good chance all the staff will be either be fired or at least half be redundant. Also general PTSD if they see the body of a friend of theirs…

Also The Bank level about dumping all the stock must of ruined a number of companies.


over the course of the trilogy, 47 has likely tanked the world economy. stocks would take a dive with every ceo death. he’s ruined millions of lives.


True, True.

Though guess that comes part of the overall plot. Would love to see the games show that side of it.

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Feels like I’ve knocked out innocent sushi chefs in Hokkaido hundreds of times.

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This is pretty much all spoiler so i’m marking it:

In Chongqing, in order to prove to 47 that her algorithm works, Royce enables 47 to fire 3 people just to prove a point. These three did nothing wrong except be predictable.


Imagine waking up in a container with your dead lover next to you. Poor Roberto

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In Dubai, isn’t there a guard that used to work for Dawood Rangan? I can’t remember the conversations and related intel about it.

haha yes, you can completely ruin his life TWICE


Probably everyone you ever borrowed a keycard from.
Every chef that unknowingly served your poisoned food.
The list goes on

that poor real estate agent in Whittleton Creek, all he wanted was a muffin. The most incompetent roadies on the planet allowing Jordan Cross’ cake to be tampered with in front of their eyes, the mortician in Dartmoor will never be in charge of another funeral again after his latest debacle.

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It gets worse for guards when you overhear how.many of them are transferred from previous jobs you did.

Talk about bad luck.


at least they still have a job!

I know how I operate.

Those guys have seen some shit.


I feel bad for the Himmapan hotel staff. Imagine being strangled while making your guest’s bed

Imagine waking up in a closet in the Palais de Walewska wearing nothing but your underwear, covered in your own vomit.

You’ve got a pounding headache.

You manage to push the closet doors open and somehow manage to get out into the hallway despite being rather concussed and wishing you were still unconscious.

Stumbling out into the atrium you’re met with the horrifying sight of (if i recall correctly) a bit over a dozen corpses and a morass of twisted metal and broken glass.

An investigator from the French equivalent of OSHA makes eye contact with you.

They scream.


The poor actors that played Kalvin Ritter & Jasper Knight.

May they Rest in Pieces😔

I’ve always wondered if they really were actors…

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