Sniper assassin game mode Mastery Unlocks

Hi! The Sniper Assassin game mode seems to be broken for me. I am using the “stock” Masterylvl. 1 rifles without any mastery upgrades even though having all challenges completed (in H2 already) and having mastery maxed for all 3 locations.

Also i am playng escalations and featured contracts now to earn gear that have been in my inventory for ages already. For example: the handyman wrench, tripwire mine, ica 19, micro remote explosive… already in my inventory where dit this fail? I have bought the access passes for H2 because i didn’t want to risk losing my game progress with an additional carry over. Even though i already own all material from H2016 Which i had to rebuy after the H2 launch. And all content for H2 was also already in my possession.

How do i go about this issues.

Thanks a Bunch!!


Yea, the sniper mastery unlocks aren’t working for me either. I’ve reported it in the bug report thread.

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If you didn’t do a carryover, your game will be as fresh as you never playerd it.
All your unlocks only transferred after you do a carryover process from HITMAN 2 (Steam) to HITMAN 3 (Epic).
Again, if you didn’t do a carryover, you’ll need to achieve and unlock everything in HITMAN 3.

As for Sniper Assassin, all your upgrades are applied automatically to the corresponding rifle.
But all those upgrades work exclusively in Sniper Assassin mode.
Those upgrades won’t be applied and affected the sniper rifles in regular game (in Paris mission for exaple, or in Escalation, or a contract).
All sniper rifles in regular game are as they are and can’t/won’t be upgraded

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hey Count. I know all that. I did the carry over and I know the upgrades are exclusive to sniper assassin mode. I have been playing since almost day one Hitman 2016. But none of the mastery rewards for Sniper Assassin mode have been applied. And I am now completing featured contracts and escalations for rewards that are already in my inventory. This whole carryover is just a smoking mess. So “again” I know… the carryover failed to apply H2 locations and the progress was only in part transferred. I don’t even have the option to do an additional carryover. Sooooo… Something must be wrong somewhere don’t you think. And to make the suffering complete. Some a’hole from SriLanka has been playing under MY screen name! cheating his ass off! So probably my epic account has been compromised.
It just never ends!!


Oh well. I accepted it. Money’s already spent right?

Happy hunting!

Sucks, right?

Nothing new anyways in sniper assassin. Only fraud infested leaderboards.

Non the less,

Happy hunting!

Peculiar to say the least. I made this leaderboard twice!