Sniper Assassin: Quickest time possible? (Himmelstein)

I seem to be able to only get just short of 1:10… I can’t seem to get any less than that? Is it because of the bitch started in the helo?? I wanna get like 1:00 at least ffs :sob:

Yeah, technically you can’t end the mission until the last target actually on the map dies, and although she doesn’t appear at first, as a main target, Doris Lee has to arrive before she can be counted. Since theoretically someone quick and savy enough could kill very other target before she emerges, the fast possible time that could be done if someone were superbly fast and dropping a body with every second that ticks, would be the instant Lee steps out from behind the chopper after landing.

I’m sure this is possible, but I don’t recall ever even trying it… Couldn’t you use a piercing bullet on the helicopter to kill her before it even lands?

Well, I suppose one could even try an explosive round, but you’d probably get 1 collateral/non-target kill in the process assuming it crashes. Heck, you could even hit the pilot with the piercing round. :thinking:

Edit: Apparently the timer doesn’t start until you make your 1st kill.