Sniper Assassin - Where are some good opportunities?

I’m wanting to do a Sniper Assassin run through Hitman 3, and I’m wondering where in each level I might find the best perches for sniping. I know to unlock the challenge, I could just sneak up and shoot each target point-blank with a sniper rifle. But that’s no fun - I’m interested in doing a “proper” sniper run for each level. What vantage points offer good chances for sniping? And how do you get the targets to move into view?

For example, in Paris you can snipe both targets from the crane after triggering the fireworks. And I know there’s an opportunity in Chongqing to get the two targets to meet where you can snipe them.

Any places like that in the rest of the game? A lot of the targets seem confined indoors where there aren’t many good places to snipe them.

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in mendoza you can light the asado pit to get don yates to do a speech, tamara vidal comes to watch

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In Dubai, the tech room above the art installation works great for taking out Marcus if you clear it out. For Carl, I angered him so he would go out to play golf and took him out from the penthouse balcony. Remember that bodies can be found, target or non target.

In Berlin, the radio tower, biker rooftop, and club rooftop work great. You can even trigger accident kills with your rifle if your wanting to do that. Some might require a bit of setup. By the way, guards will not here gunshots at the tower or biker gang roof.

In Chongqing, you can follow the mission story for the crashed drone to get both targets out and about. Using the spot under the big neon sign is great (got Sniper Assassin, SASO using it).

Has anyone found another way to get the targets out of their respective compounds?

Does the target in Dartmoor go out on the balcony on her own at any time? Or only when the detective storyline concludes?

In Dartmoor you can complete a few challenges & get SA/Sniper Assassin by getting her to the graveyard & shooting her into the grave from the roof

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Yep, that’s how I got sniper assassin and another challenge too, and it felt really satisfying. Often in these maps sniper assassin feels silly cause you get in close but Dartmoor and China are great. Haven’t done the others yet.

Sapienza still the king though.

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Turning off Hush’s Satellite dish will briefly bring him out onto that rooftop.

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On Dubai, I made a point of doing a “proper” sniper run, which entailed getting Stuvysent to meet with his daughter to snipe from a balcony on the other side of the atrium, and getting Ingram to golf so I could shoot him from the penthouse.

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