Sniper assembly from the case

Hi I just to say I absolutely love your game and everything your company is achieving it’s so amazing to see a good game company deliver such a good game like hitman I’ve been playing your games since the first one and have pre orders from previous games
it’s definitely one of the best games to ever come out on any platform

I’m writing this aswell to ask if you could please do one thing to the game in a update if it’s not to much to ask, when I was young I remember in hitman blood money when you take the sniper out the container you had to assemble the sniper I was wondering if you could bring that back to the game in these hitman I love the realism to the game and definitely think that should be a key moment yous should capture there was nothing better then setting up the perfect shot after you assembled your sniper from the case, it brought so much life to taking the shot and knowing when to pull it out so you didn’t get caught assembling it

That’s all I ask and thank you again for making such a amazing game can’t wait for more hitman a to come in the future and other games from your company thank you :pray: :grinning::grinning:

Some of the sniper rifles in HITMAN 2016, HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3 allow assembling while taking out them from the briefcase and while taking them back to the briefcase.
You can just try every single sniper rifle to see which one allows you that.
The one I like to use definitely allows assembling is Jaeget 7 Tuatara.
Well, it’s not technically the physical assembling, but some kind of similar animation we have

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IMO the chance to implement this in the WoA games passed with Hitman 3’s launch, unfortunately. Players have grown accustomed to being able to “quickdraw” most Sniper Rifles in the game.

This problem grows with Hitman 3 having far more versions of Sniper Rifles, some with very exotic modifications, that make an assembly animation tough. In fact, for some, like the Bartoli Woodsman, it’s pretty much impossible. (I am aware the IRL Walther WA2000, 47’s iconic sniper rifle, can’t be assembled like it is in the games either, but that gun makes it far easier to suspend your disbelief with on that front. HOW would you animate 47 putting a solid wooden gun frame together?)

In a future Hitman game, I would like all Sniper Rifles to have an “assembly time” as a balancing factor for them, maybe even with some being impossible to disassemble and put in a briefcase. It’d make Sniper Assassin a tad more interesting.

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ehm… i don’t think this forum is directly controlled by IO Interactive

well… actually almost all sniper rifles have the animation… if i remember the only sniper rifles that don’t have the animation are the SIEGER 300 GHOST (which is unlocked in marrakech by completing the Cheveyo calibration escalation) and the HACKL LEVIATHAN SNIPER RIFLE COVERT[including DUCKY EDITION, which is unlocked by completing 60 featured contracts on the hitman III locations] (which is unlocked at mastery level 20 in chongqing, china). maybe (i could be wrong because of all the snipers i have i use only the sieger 300 ghost) all the SIEGERs don’t have the animation.

No, this is a fan-driven forum.
IOI staff taking their part here when they can

I decided to actually just check and make a list:

Bartoli Woodsman: Has an animation

Druzhina 34: Has an animation

Jaeger 7: Has an animation

Sieger: No animations

Hackl Leviathan: No animations

However, I do maintain my problems with it because tbh the assembly animation only really works as part of the Jaeger 7. The other sniper rifles have the magazine very apparently hovering away from the gun during parts of the process, with the Jaeger hiding the hover and instead looking like 47 is just readjusting a loose magazine.

For the Bartoli and Druzhina it honestly just serves to make underused rifles even less useful, because unlike the Jaeger the animation doesn’t at least look good.