Sniper that has piercing and suppressor

Hi I was just wondering, aside from the DRUZHINA 34 ICA ARCTIC, is there another unlockable sniper that you can use in-game that has both piercing and suppressor.

Yes, multiple


the leviathan has subsonic, marksman, 4x zoom, and piercing. its unlocked on chongqing mastery 20

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I don’t have hitman 3. I just have hitman 1 and 2 and looking for a sniper that I can unlock with those specifications to use in-game.

I’m afraid no such thing exist for previous two HITMAN games.
Piercing suppressed sniper rifle is available only in HITMAN 3, there is even 2 of them.
One is a Deluxe item, second can be unlocked by anyone. But Deluxe rifle seems to be bugged by now, because it does not pierce the bodies.
The thing is any item in the game that you have or unlocked can be used all across the game, in any location. But you obviously have to have access to that locations.

For you it’s matter what platform are you on, because merging all three games into one slightly differs from platform to platform.
Once you buy HITMAN 3, you could gather all games into one within HITMAN 3 and get all benefits from it, including piercing silenced sniper rifle that you want

Well that’s just simply not true. Like I said in my original post quote “aside from the DRUZHINA 34 ICA ARCTIC” meaning that I was asking if there were other snipers with the specifications of DRUZHINA that I can use within hitman 1 and 2.

Ok, maybe I forgot of a few things.
But everything else would be true.
The other rifle in HITMAN 2 that matches your desire is Jaeger 7 Tuatara.
But all that true for a regular game, not a Sniper Assassin mode. SA does not share its rifles with regular game. Those are two separate modes. Just so that you know.

If you get mastery level 20 in Siberia, you unlock the DRUZHINA to use in campaign. Also where and how do I unlock the Tuatara?

It’s unlocked with completing 3 Mission Stories in Haven Island

Is there any sniper that can pierce through walls?

None of the sniper rifles have wallpiercing bullets, except for the Druzhina 34 Arctic in H3. It’s unintentional though.

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Anyway of getting that it would be good for sniper assassin challenges

Reach mastery level 20 in Siberia.
All unlocks and how to get them listed here

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