Snowy Map Brainstorm

With Ambrose Island on the horizon and possibly the end of the WOA trilogy, our chances on a snowy location is slowly starting to sail. Although the hype for the fresh new map is real, I and many other see some disappointment coming from the fanbase about not getting a new snowy map. Mainly coming from the lack there off- and the amount of snow themed unlocks that cannot be properly utilized in their natural habitat.

While complaining is easy, I thought to myself: why not come together and elaborate on what exactly it is we hoped for. Perhaps IOI will plan on making a snow themed map in a future Hitman game. (Whenever that may be). We could help them a bit. Share your thoughts and ideas. We’ll be eager to know.

I decided to not put this in the level ideas thread since it’s a much larger topic


How about another island? :man_shrugging:

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Quite frankly, a ski resort would be pretty cool; there’s even a decent scope for using explosives to trigger avalanches for ‘accident kills’, sabotaging ski lifts for the same, etc.

  • Sniping a target while he/she’s skiing would be priceless.

  • In hostile zones, it would be natural for your footsteps in the snow to attract attention, even in professional mode.

  • I’m thinking of a zip line exit.

  • If you are disguised as a guide or instructor, you could guide your target towards deadly crevices or precipices.

  • There could be a reference to borscht (Yurishka in Contracts) and an opportunity for poisoning.

  • Perhaps it’s too realistic, but leaving a NPC naked in the snow would result an hypothermia (and death by accident).

  • We could block targets in a wooden chalet and set it on fire.

  • An ultimate opportunity would be to reveal our identity and scare away a lone target in the mountain and let him/her be devoured by wolves (it’s very romanticized, because wolves are afraid of men).


Damn, someone moved it just as I finished this meme :stuck_out_tongue:


@Danger_dog_guy_7 avalanche idea is interesting. the lift we kind of saw something like that with Yamazaki. also we have Hokkaido but i assume you mean something that is like a deep snowy level that isn’t a train nor robot doctor resort. also damn does that pic look beautiful.

Frankly, I like the idea of tampering with a ski lift seat, getting the target into that particular seat, and then 47 behind the controls of the whole lift, making it go a little faster than usual, ensuring that the sabotaged seat falls off the lift. Rigging an avalanche would be neat too, but with possible multiple casualties, not very clean for SA, which I always have as a priority. Maybe start a snowball fight and hide a poison-tipped nail inside a snowball.

EDIT: oh, and snipe the target while he’s skiing! If you shoot his skies, or those pole things they use, it’ll look like an accident and he just tumbled.

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I would love to have a snow map set in the likes of U.S. Outpost North 31 from The Thing. You have to kill an entire science division as part of a cover up and destroy their research. It would make a nice symbolic gesture as The Thing creature takes the shape and appearance of its victims in order to gain trust and the advantage, just like Agent 47 :smiling_imp:


Creative. We have had some kill-‘em-all Hitman missions before, this could be another one where wholesale slaughter could be ok, a part of the contract, ya know.


I honestly can’t see Ambrose being the final map. I do think they’ll make one more, and quite possibly a snow map. Bonus points to IO if they let us vote on what final location we want. A boy can dream!


Psh, what options could there be? Snow map, airport, cruise ship. That’s pretty much all people want, and snow map will win that. The easiest thing for them to do would be to release a redecorated version of an existing map, like Whittleton Creek at Christmas time, to allow for a new mission that includes snow.


Could be yep. If they went this route a flamethrower would be on the cards for sure. I can picture two ways to destroy the research: stealthily, like sabotaging various mainframes and whatnot, or outright planting a bomb to destroy the entire outpost, but it would kill every non-target on the map. Too many constants and variables running through my head now. Can we let the non-targets evacuate via helicopters and snowmobiles? Can we poison the sprinkler systems? Can we swim under the ice and drag a target down into it? What have I done to myself! :sob:

I think turning the Siberia sniper map into a proper one would be the best route. The map already exists, so that’s half the battle. Then it’s a matter of getting the voices, challenges, mission stories etc. in there. I can picture the default intro now. 47 arriving via bus with a bunch of other prisoners and being lead into the courtyard. Oh lord baby jesus, yes please.

Eh, one problem: it would have to take place before the sniper events, because the prison burned down in the riot and I doubt very much that the Russian government rebuilt such a controversial facility.

True. But Hitman is no stranger to returning to locations before the main missions occur.

like a hitman 2 dlc deal.

Some ideas regarding a snowy map.

  • A snowball mechanic. Similarly to Hokkaido Snow Festival, 47 can use a large pile of snow to create a snowball that functions like a muffin - it can be thrown as a distraction or to knock a person down to the ground - possibly under some circumstances, the latter can be classified as a snowfight rather than an assault, hence it won’t be illegal. A snowball cannot be concealed or placed on the ground, 47 can only drop or throw it, and it will break on impact. This is to ensure that players cannot “farm” an infinite number of snowballs in their inventory. I am aware of the snowball unlock we currently have that functions differently. It needs to go :smiling_imp:

  • Multiple possibilities of assassinating a target in regards to skiing or snowboarding. 47 can misdirect a target on a dangerous trail, sabotage their equipment, set some kind of a trap on their path and disguise it with a snow - all of these will result in a violent crash and a death of the target.

  • Perhaps, give some utility to axes and hatchets similarly to wrenches and screwdrivers. 47 can chop some wood and prepare a fireplace in a cabin, so it will be warm enough for a target to move in here, for example. Alternatively, 47 can weaken certain structures such as a terrace or a balcony that rest on some wooden pillars. For a variety and some amusing scenes, any kind of axe can be used for these purposes, such as a fire axe, a tomahawk, a battle axe.

  • Other accidents that are possible only on a snowy map. Icicles - already present in Hokkaido; slippery icy surfaces that can work like a wet floor in the Bank or a banana; frozen bodies of water where 47 or characters can walk, with the opportunity to crack the ice with gunshots or explosions causing everyone on top to drown in the water.

  • An esthetic point - when out in the snowfall, over time a small layer of snow will appear on 47’s shoulders. Whenever back to a building, the snow will melt, making his clothes wet like in Chongqing.


I’m secretly hoping for this as well. They may not talk about it now, but if they pulled out a surprise new map around Christmas/New Year’s, or at the end of H3’s live support, that’d be awesome.

This right here. And an option I’d also be happy with. WC is the most-proposed option, but Dartmoor would also be nice. It has lots of open areas around to make the snow shine, and the manor itself would look neat with some Christmas decor.

The potential issue I see with that one is that it would be an all-hostile map, which may not sit well with the community given Colorado’s reception.

Other than that, yeah, I’d love a ski resort. It would satisfy my love for fancy resort settings plus come with an abundance of interesting and unique kill opportunities, many of which have been mentioned (ski lift, avalanche, ice surfaces…). Plus I’d absolutely love a biathlon rifle to kill a target with (yes, I’m totally thinking of For Your Eyes Only, lol).


Lots and Lots of snow-covered evergreen trees, rustic-styled lodges with fireplaces, the main target is holed up in a well-guarded cabin. There’d need to be a few nods to ‘You Better Watch Out’.

As for the layout/mapping? Maybe a more compact version of Whittleton Creek? Or a Lodge/Resort similar to Himmapan?

Or there’s also the aspect of it being like New Zealand. :hushed: Instead of an open, large beach - there’s a forest. But would guards have to be patrolling? Or there are numerous security measures. Cameras, IR tripwires. Maybe even land mines (with warning signs).

DO NOT copy that Japan level with the Sniper. :triumph:

I suppose a mix of the 2 would be like Berlin. So you’d have a snowy Berlin, but a cabin or resort instead of an old Nuclear Power Plant at the end of the forest.

So the next logical ‘Hitmany’ step is you’d have an underground facility where they do [bad thing]. :joy:

Lots of directions something like this could go in.


Honestly, I would be more than happy with a winterized version of a map we already have. Something like the Hitman 1 bonus missions would be perfect.

Dartmoor is the obvious choice for H3, though Berlin and Chongqing do get rather snowy…
Sapienza, Bangkok, Colorado, Whittleton Creek, and Sgail could all realistically get a snowy variation, too.