So About The Contracts Mode

So about the Contracts mode in Absolution. You know the one, that one that was removed in 2018 including the DLCs because: “This change has been forced upon us due to a combination of incoming GDPR rules and the fact that we do not have ownership of the Absolution Contracts Mode servers. That ownership lies with the game’s original publisher.” (the DLCs because of them mainly being for the contracts mode).
But why don’t they come back to this game to bring it back? I mean, they have servers now (in Hitman 3) so why don’t they bring it back so that we can play it again? For 99% of the players, it was the only really fun part of the game. Since it was removed, the game got less and less players. And the really fun thing about this game is that it’s perfect for contracts mode. Just choose out a few targets that are hard to kill, and boom. You get a hard but fun experience. It’s not even that hard. Just select a few people and boom. It’s a shame that there is only a contracts mode in Hitman 3 now as it was just the perfect mode to play. Hitman 3 just lacks hard featured contracts. The original contracts in Absolution felt fun to play while new ones are easy to beat or have really annoying targets that are almost impossible to get away from others and having a bunch of forced restrictions.

I really don’t get why they shouldn’t just bring this back. Ok, it takes MONEY to buy servers, and LOTS of money, but i mean, it will actually get players to buy and play it again as that was the main appeal of the game. While for people who love stories that go in-depth and fans of the sequences in which you don’t really kill and just do certain things to get to the goal, there is the main story mode but for most players, you just have the contracts mode. But unfortunately, they removed it without saying something like: “Sorry. We could not find a way to keep the servers for contracts mode up.” Instead, they just froget about it. I mean, atleast bring it back now now that you have the servers, way more money than before and releases on many different consoles and other versions for example, the Epic, Stadia and Steam editions of Hitman 3. They had the money to do that and even bring back contracts mode but they can’t do that? I mean, atleast make an archive where you can play the featured contracts or just any contract in general that was created before but not upload. Or myabe make but not upload. Who knows, maybe they can even make it possible to not directly upload a contract in Hitman 3 and instead, after finishing it, being able to wait for it. The contracts mode has so much potential yet they rarely think about it.

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Because that’d be an investment that might not justify the costs. It is not a trival thing.

Servers are not that expensive. They already have rented servers, they probably would only have to add another instance. What is expensive is to task developers when they could instead work on upcoming titles.

I did read these sentences multiple time but they refuse to make sense to me. :grimacing:

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Basically, being able to replay featured contracts (or just contracts in general) that were already created.

But these had to be removed as they were not GDPR compliant.

They’re not just gone. They’re gone forever and ever. It was obviously the case even when they said it was “temporary”. One month after the servers went down I even reworded the relevant page in the Hitman Wikia to the past tense.