certain profiles have trouble getting online at certain times? Because I have a really weird issue here

I have a primary PS4 account and a back up one. (Don’t ask).

My primary account carried over my older Hitman progress perfectly. No issue at all. The backup account I never bothered.

I was doing well with the primary account for a few days, but since Sunday evening I haven’t been able to get the primary account connected to the IOI server thing. The problem has persisted into Monday.

As a test I tried out the backup account immediately after failing with the primary, and that instantly connected online without any issue.

So my question is, is this normal? I don’t expect anyone to have answers but is there any clue to what’s going on? I can accept the whole IOI thing being down, but being able to connect with my backup account immediately after failing with the primary is kind of weird and deeply troubling.

I just want to know if others have had this issue or if I should start freaking out.

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Could be an interesting observation. I’ve had no real connection issues and I did not carry over progress because I liked the idea of starting fresh.

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I didn’t have any issues from Thursday to Sunday, then Sunday night to Monday afternoon this issue has started. It’s weird that’s for sure. I just cracked level 20 Dubai mastery as well.

I might just got with my alternate level 1 account for now.

If you mean by “certain times” the last 36hrs or so, then yes, i have noticed it :confused:


I’m glad then that isn’t just me then.