So is FidelityFX planned for support in Hitman 3?

Its already done for Hitman 2 apparently. We need it in Hitman 3 ASAP. The performance boost would be massive from my experience with it in Resident Evil 8. I get a smooth, consistent 144 fps with little detriment to the image quality.

Hitman 2 and 3 use AMD’s FidelityFX Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening , it’s one of the tools provided by the FidelityFX framework. If you talk about AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), IOI has not implemented this and we don’t know if it’s planned.

IO Interactive confirmed Ray Tracing on PC, Xbox Series (X and S) with D3D12 DXR and on Stadia with Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions later in 2021. No information on PS5 yet. Finally, DLSS is in the pipeline too.

Sources :

We have added support for AMD’s FidelityFX Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening. This algorithm recovers high frequency features lost during temporal anti-aliasing to provide a rich, detailed image. All players can take advantage of this support, regardless of their choice of graphics card. This can be toggled between Off, Weak, Moderate or Strong in the ‘Graphics’ Menu.

HITMAN 2 – November Update - IO Interactive

“The Glacier Engine has a Vulkan backend that powers HITMAN3 on Stadia. At IO Interactive we follow with interest the evolution of the API and the upcoming extensions. Ray Tracing is a topic we’re actively working on for our games, so we’re very excited to see hardware agnostic support coming into Vulkan,” said Maurizio De Pascale, CTO, IO Interactive A/S.

Vulkan SDK, Tools and Drivers are Ray Tracing Ready - The Khronos Group Inc

Together with Intel, we are working to optimize the game for launch and beyond, with updates, tweaks and improvements coming throughout 2021 that will improve the experience of playing on a high-end PC and multi-core CPUs. Later in 2021, we will also implement Ray Tracing and look forward to sharing more on that next year.

HITMAN 3 on PC - IO Interactive

We see Hitman as a ‘live game’ and our launch date on January 20 is just the beginning of a journey, in which we’re going to keep working on the game and adding new features. It’s great that the GPU in the Series X|S has hardware support for Ray-Tracing. We’ve already started working on RT technology for the renderer in our Glacier engine, and once that’s deemed ready for prime time, we’ll definitely bring it to the Series X|S hardware.

Inside Xbox Series X|S Optimized: Hitman 3 - Xbox Wire


Yeah, the super resolution variant is what I was referring to. I need it ASAP. :weary:

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Gotta keep quiet about that! It’s not been officially announced as far as I know!

:slightly_smiling_face: Ladies and Gentlemen, we did it. Our plea’s have been heard by the gaming gods. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution is officially coming to Hitman 3. I struggle to maintain 100 fps at times with a 5700XT, so it will be greatly appreciated. :pray:

Upcoming AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Games

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FSR2 coming in a future patch with XeSS. Source: Year 2 May update patch notes.

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