So, what's the best map?

I think a good chunk of us have completed the game with at least 1 run now. So based on your limited experience so far, which map is your favorite?

To me it’s Dubai & Argentina, which I didnt expect going in. I actually wanted the darker, grittier hitman levels of yore, but I feel like Berlin and Chongqing are a bit too homogenous, there’s not a lot of environmental variety imo.

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Berlin (alot of Characters)


Berlin for me as well :slight_smile: you cant not bob your head to the beat of the music


Atmosphere - Berlin
Level Design - Berlin
Music - Dubai
Target Routines - Dubai


I like the atmosphere from a Carpathian Mountains, constantly moving, snowing, and the steady progression from having nothing but pants on to being fully armed and killing/sneaking past super heavy armed units. So sue me.

In terms of the regular maps, the ones I’m most eager to replay after my initial run are Chongqing and Mendoza, so I’d have to say one of them. I’d have to play all the maps more to fully decide my number one favourite, though.


The OP of this thread is my protégé it seems :joy:

Mine has to be Mendoza, just love the mission stories, the atmosphere, the layout. Might change as I explore and replay each level, but intially it’s #1


Still haven’t played Mendoza and Romania

For me it’s:

1 - Dartmoor
2 - Chongqing
3 - Berlin
4 - Dubai


I would say Berlin so far, i can judge better when i’ve got full Mastery and can play how i want

Limited experience on all of them really, Dartmoor is the only one I’ve put a bit of time into due to how small it is. Literally only done one playthrough of China, Mendoza, and Romania. So this will probably change but:

  1. Mendoza

  2. Berlin

  3. China

  4. Dartmoor

  5. Dubai

  6. Romania

Yeah, Dubai is really the only one that just isn’t clicking with me. And Romania is what it is, I guess. It’s so linear there isn’t really anything to compare it too, not even the ICA Facility and Hawke’s Bay. Romania feels like an Absolution level honestly, which isn’t bad. But I can say once I get my SA/SO Master rating on Romania, I’m probably never going to play it again.

Mendoza I love, it just clicks for me, but then I love the “pretty” levels like Sapienza. Berlin’s multi-targets are alot of fun to mess around with. China, goodness, I’ve done one playthrough and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Dartmoor is good but it is just a bit smaller than what I was hoping for, right decision to only have 1 target and the file objective.

I’m pretty satisified, but at the moment, I do think Hitman 2 Gold’s maps are just a bit above the Hitman 3 lot. But then I think my appreciation of the Hitman 3 maps will increase the more I get to know them.


I’ve only played it once, but Mendoza has the potential to be my favorite map in the series.

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Dartmoor isn’t really clicking with me. I have played it a couple of times and I think too much emphasis has been placed on the detective aspect. Sure you can frame different people and ask for the file or money if you solve the crime, but that is just variety at the press of a button after ten minutes minimum collecting enough clues to be able to accuse someone. I have only blamed Emma so far, so perhaps my mind will change after toying around with the other options.


Berlin, especially if we get a bonus mission on there

The detective stuff in Dartmoor does feel a bit too emphasized, and even if you ignore it all you’ll probably just be climbing the pipes to her office over and over again. I’m spreading the new maps out over time so I’ve only played the first two, but Dartmoor is disappointing IMO.

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I just love Dartmoor for the atmosphere, the story, the targets, everything. I know other maps are more impressive, but i love those “small” maps that are not so small at all. My fav in Hitman 2 was Whittleton Creek


I think the Target has some great interactions with and options. I do also enjoy maps with a couple more unique NPCs into them like Jason Portman and Dextar from Hokkaido which Dartmoor map does have but I do wish they weren’t soo static in their routes in the Manor.

With smaller maps overall it feels like there is a bit more intimacy with the target compared to larger ones.

Also love the map as I can see Dartmoor National Park from the train everyday I go to work so…certain biases there :slight_smile:

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I agree with your reasoning, but i actually quite like this mission for some reason, i like the atmosphere.

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I think so far off playing the levels 1-2 times, that either China or Mendoza are my favs so far. I’d rank them: (just my first impressions)

  1. China
  2. Mendoza
  3. Dubai
  4. Berlin
  5. Dartmoor
  6. Romania

For some reason I can’t fuck with Berlin, I love the atmosphere and places within the mission, but the targets themselves ruin the experience for me. It just feels like I’m playing a glorified contract, but idk Im gonna give it another chance.

Same thing kinda goes for Dartmoor. I like the atmosphere and level design of the mansion but it feels like there’s been too much of an emphasis on the detective stuff, which is fine but idk if the level will be super replayabe in the future.

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1 - Dubai
2 - Chongqing
3 - Dartmoor
4 - Berlin
5 - Mendoza
6 - Carpathain Mountains

Dubai is my favourite simply because I found it the most fun. I really dig the atmosphere of Chongqing and the mission was quite fun aswell.

I really liked the map for Berlin, but I didn’t really enjoy the missions he first time around. It’s better
after the first playthrough when all targets are unlocked.

For Mendoza, I really liked the map. It’s not a bad mission by any means, I just enjoyed the others more.

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So far I really like the menu screen. The dynamic music captures the atmosphere of fetching my profile perfectly!


I really miss Hitman 2’s post-mission music. Other than that I like Hitman 3’s changes.

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