SOHM Featured Contracts - June 27th 2024

The new Featured Contracts batch is live.
As usual, you can use this topic to talk about them, post runs, and everything related.

They are from SOHM, the Chinese hitman community.
It is pleasant to see them.

The contracts are:

  • The Bank Job, in New York, by @Josery_Ripper
  • Fall Into Abyss, in Sapienza, by Hukukishi Bart
  • Mr Bin Monster vs Dr Manhole, in Whittleton Creek, by @Lviolinve
  • Better Call Rieper, in Mendoza, by D-Kakarot
  • Drumline: Three New Brooms, in Santa Fortuna, by @Orange_725
  • The Axe of Ice and Fire, on Isle of Sgail, by @WINNODD
  • Contract #(-100), in Chongqing, by @Quartz_tan
  • A Man Called Rocco, in Sapienza, by @Atmosphere
  • Find Samir in WoA, in Mumbai, by @677
  • A Chain Reaction, in Dubai, by @Laohuang
  • D-Kakarot Scissorhands, in Santa Fortuna, by @Lviolinve

Drumline: Three New Brooms is very interesting,and it’s a simple contract


Everyone be like “blah blah new ET”

Meanwhile I’m like “fuck yeah new FCs”


So, according to @Orange_725 each contract is named after a book, or a movie. (except Contract #(-100), since this was the theme for the contract creation.

I have:

  • The Bank Job - The Bank Job
  • Fall Into Abyss - Into the Abyss?
  • Mr Bin Monster vs Dr Manhole - nothing
  • Better Call Rieper - Better Call Saul
  • Drumline: Three New Brooms - nothing
  • The Axe of Ice and Fire - A Song of Ice and Fire
  • A Man Called Rocco - A Man Called Otto?
  • Find Samir in WoA - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
  • A Chain Reaction - nothing
  • D-Kakarot Scissorhands - Edward Scissorhands

I have only played the first three contracts so far. But those were really good, looking forward to the remaining ones.

“Fall Into Abyss” becomes so much easier, if you take a closer look at the cover image and realize where that picture was taken :wink:

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I ran Quart’s Contract and managed to come up with this. Could Probably be improved but i just don’t have time to.


Apparently the ice axe became a “concealable weapon” in the latest patch, which is potentially a big game changer for my contract. I have yet to find out how this could improve my route but for those prefer “axetra” challenges. Try starting the mission without ice axe on yourself. :sweat_drops:


Finished this batch today and it was very enjoyable.

There were some really simple ones that I got through first attempt like Drumline:Three New Brooms, The Axe of Ice & Fire and Find Samir in WoA.

There were some that I enjoyed speed-running like Fall into Abyss, Contract#(-100), A Man Called Rocco, Better Call Rieper and A Chain Reaction.

The other three The Bank Job, Mr Bin Monster vs Mr Manhole and D-Kakarot Scissorhands were also very good.

Overall though I really liked this batch, it’s just a shame it’s overshadowed by the new Elusive Target.


I would also point out the very nice presentation(pictures).


Easy 30 with better timing for distractions, earlier KO and using different dock, the one before orange boat.
Another idea: 2nd tranq dart for the guard, once he falls send body into the water with a breacher or a bomb. Idk if it’d count as fall or drowning though.


Mr Bin Monster vs Dr Manhole**, in Whittleton Creek, by @Lviolinve


The Bank Job in New York, by @Josery_Ripper

Contract #(-100) in Chongqing, by @Quartz_tan


Fall Into Abyss in Sapienza, by Hukukishi Bart

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