Solved. close thread please

Hey, i’m going to go through player support but thought id check here first to see if anyone has had the same issue.

I haven’t gotten the purple suit in game yet after almost 24 hours.

Both my PlayStation account & Twitch account are linked to my ioi account & Twitch lists my reward(the suit) as claimed.

There is a disclaimer on Twitch that says there can be a delay in receiving said reward in game if there’s a backlog.

So i was wondering is this long a wait normal or have i run into an issue?


Sounds like an issue to me. Most of the players on this forum (to my knowledge) got the reward in minutes.


Honestly this is the first twitch drop I have done that was basically instant usually takes like 4 hours for me at least the support thing will probably help sooner rather then later

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Issue resolved.
I updated my browser to the latest version,
re-linked my accounts & it gave me the option to claim again & now it’s popped in game!