[SOLVED] PS4 -> PS5 Disc Edition Upgrade

(I’ve already posted this over in the technical support megathread, but I was curious if anyone else has had the same issue / figured out a solution… hence why I’m making this a separate thread)

I personally have been unable to download the PS4 → PS5 Disc Upgrade Edition. I initially claimed the free upgrade on Jan 25; however it does not appear in my PS5’s game library, nor does the PS5 version appear in my list of game versions. Doing a full reset of the console did not help either.

When attempting to claim it again via the PS Store, “Something went wrong.” appears. Unfortunately, PS Support has been less than helpful, claiming that it’s a hardware issue with my console and not a software one :man_facepalming:

Has anyone else experienced this / found a solution?


Solved! This has been solved by creating a second PSN account and using that one to claim/download the PS5 version of H3.

Log in to your account on the PS Store on PC or phone. SHould be able to start the download from there. If all else fails, use the Restore License function on your PS5. I had to do that to get a lot of HITMAN stuff to register as “mine” on the new console.

Unfortunately “Restore Licenses” doesn’t do anything, and it nothing new shows up under the purchased section on the PS Store :slightly_frowning_face:

(Stupid Question) If you have the disc version of the game, did you insert the disc in your PS5? you may need to do that to get it. I have the PS5 version of the game so my “upgrade” was getting the game for the PS4. From reading your post I belive that you are the reverse.

Haha yes, the disc is indeed in the console. If it’s not in the console, the store listing switches from “Free” to “Learn More”.

Something appears to be wrong with the store.
I just went into mine and it tells me HITMAN 3 is $80

And I have it on PS5 already.

Something seems quite strange indeed. I did a full console reset, and now I have two "HITMAN 3"s in my game library. One is the disc (and installed on external storage), while the other has a padlock symbol. Both are listed for PS4 though.

Something is wrong specifically with HITMAN 3 in the PlayStation Store.

I just checked because I own HITMAN 2016 digitally, HITMA N2 on disc and HITMAN 3 digitally.

HITMAN GOTY Edition says Purchased and I can DL to console.

HITMAN 2 I physically own the Gold Edition. It makes sense that the store is telling me I would need to purchase.

HITMAN 3 I own digitally on PS4 and PS5 (everyone does) and I have it downloaded on both, but it is saying that I have to purchase it in the store - EVEN THOUGH it shows content packs already purchased.

I recommend contacting Sony because this does not seem to be an IO issue. They have needed to fix the store since November.

Sorry that I could not get you up and running. Please keep me posted.

So I decided to create an alt PSN account and claimed the upgrade that way… it’s downloading now, but the ultimate test is to see if it’ll work on my main one after the download finishes :laughing:

Stinks that you had to do that.

My main account now shows 3 versions:

  • PS5 | Full | HITMAN 3
  • PS4 | Full | HITMAN 3
  • PS4 | HITMAN 3

The rest of the game is still downloading, but so far, so good it seems!

Good luck with it all!

does anyone know how to access the ps5 Upgrade for Hitman 3 because i have installed ps4 disc version of hitman 3 on the ps5 and unable to access the upgrade.
Instead i assumed it was the free starter pack in which i downloaded it but wouldn’t access the hitman 3 levels

It’s been a while since I did my upgrades (some were on disc, but Hitman was digital), but, after making sure the disc is in (:wink:), I think it’ll show up on the game hub on the right side of the screen above the little trophy box.

If it’s not there, click on the three dots next to “Play Game” and one of the options will be “View Product”, which will take you to the store where the PS5 upgrade should be listed for free.

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