Something I noticed today playing Hitman 3

First of all, I have to admit that I’m now def. not an insanely big fan of the automatic weapons in the game. Glad they’re there for variety, but I tried out the ICA 19 machine pistols today for the first time since I started playing H3. And I’m actually impressed with them. They have a good fire rate and being able to fire 2-3 round burst and even 1 round burst is easy once I got used to it. It also feels like they have a hair trigger, which is good given that I timed the fire rate as approx 700-750rpm (similar to a HK G36 rifle in full auto).

Now, moderators can move this part to the mods or wishlist section, but in addition to a new non-bullpup 5.56mm class rifle (either Sieger 552 based, or perhaps a mix of it and the AR-15 based Fusil G series rifles) that have longer barrels (like say 16 inches/410mm or so, maybe slightly longer) and are silenced and loud, and stand alone semi and full auto variants. But I’d love for them to take the ICA 19 FA’s firing rate and what feels like a hair trigger, and the tight aiming reticule, too. Granted, I do feel that even self loading intermediate cal. rifles can be precision instruments in their effective range.

Just something really good that I found and makes me wish there were/are assault rifles and SMGs that mimic that performance.

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Having played further, I have to agree with what Mr. Freeze 2424 said in his assault rifle review video: there’s little excuse to not use a .45 Colt M1911 type pistol over an assault rifle. I’d hope that maybe one day there might be a patch that can rebalance some weapons somewhat, like make SMGs equal to pistols, and assault rifles more like the scout snipers in terms of stopping power.

Not to mention that I feel as things are now that assault rifles and SMGs are kinda bullet hoses, which is kinda blah. I’d bring up also unrealistic, but I’m probably already arguing enough with video game logic.

I hate how with automatic guns in WoA it’s nearly impossible to single fire. It’s always burst of 2-3 short no matter how hard you try. It’s only possible to fire a single shot if you’re hitting an npc or camera, so it’s hitreg related feature.

That’s true it seems for most assault rifles. I can do it with the AK type rifles, but it’s not the easiest thing to do. The “trigger” (mouse click) feels almost spongy and imprecise, while on the ICA 19 machine pistols and even the TAC SMG I find that I sometimes have to be careful not to single tap oddly! It’s almost like they have a hair trigger relative to the assault rifles.

Also, I think that the 5.56mm caliber rifles (AR552, TAC-4) are too high. As I mentioned, I timed the ICA 19 machine pistol’s rate of fire at about 12 shots a second, so about 700-750 rpm. The AK type weapons are maybe 600-650 rpm (though hard to single tap). Not sure about the 5.56mm rifles, though, but I’m guessing 900-1000 rpm, which is excessive. Most newer 5.56mm rifles (HK433, CZ Bren 2, HK416) are limited to about 750-850 rpm.

Also, full disclosure, I’ve never fired an automatic weapon myself, but from watching videos on YouTube, it’d seem that firing controlled burst is maybe a bit easier in real life than with a computer mouse. That said, I’ve had problems with single tapping the ICA 19 machine pistols and TAC SMGs when I wanted a burst.

So maybe if the attributes of the SMG/machine pistols applied to the assault rifles, they’d be even better.

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