SONKO Challenges

My old ones are on PC now.



Uploaded video, enjoy :wink:



I really didn’t expected that you can push the Arabian target into the small pool in the same exhibition! This is a totally game twist!
I guess I need to learn more about Dubai.

Great game play mate, thanks for sharing. :wink:


Is it considered cheating against the spirit of the SONKO challenge to utilize the special ability of the Midnight Black Suit to freely roam the Yates mansion grounds without Trespassing?

Anyway, here’s my fiber wire only run for SONKO #64:

EDIT: Just for fun and hilarity, I decided to turn my run from not just “fiber wire only”, but to “fiber wire + garden shredder”. 47 really makes sure he gets the job done.


I’d like to claim #71 for the SONKO challenges. I have an idea in mind for Berlin.


Here’s my submission for SONKO Challenge #71:

PC ID: 1-29-3890117-04
Xbox ID: 3-29-6727581-54 (Courtesy of @Euler13)
PS4 ID: 2-29-9359877-09 (Courtesy of @Loner)

I originally created this contract as “Poisoned Image”, which required the player to be a total ghost for the mission. I re-created it and removed the extra complications, except for suit-only and no pacifications, of course. I really like the idea behind it, because the secret requires you to collect items from the various targets to move on to the next target.

Since the targets are 5 of the ICA agents - Montgomery, Banner, Rhodes, Davenport, & Lowenthal - I don’t think I need to describe their locations since anyone recreating it on other platforms can just find them in the regular mission.

There is a bug in this level though: poisoning Lowenthal’s food delivery doesn’t get properly registered as a poison kill in the objectives menu, which was my intent when I first created the contract. I reported it a while back in the “Bug Report” thread, so I’m hoping IOI fixes it so the contract works like I originally envisioned. I did find a workaround for now, but I wanted everyone to be aware that there is an issue.


I’m struggling to recreate it. I always respect the order of kills that the contract creator uses, but once the Sheikh finishes his address he just moves between two fixed locations in a public space indefinitely. I’ve been following him and his bodyguards for the past 30 minutes.

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You need Markus to speak with him then he will say he’s tired and go upstairs. I found it easier to do by going to the art exhibit right away then coming back to him as Markus tends to wonder around the exhibit at the start of the mission. It really shouldn’t take 30 minutes for him to head upstairs though, that’s rather insane.

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That was my first attempt. I gave up after 30 minutes. Although I didn’t get spotted I can only imagine the discovery of the bodies of one of the other two targets interfered with Marcus’s path. I tried it a second time, but it still took 25 minutes and even then I got impatient and took him out at the first opportunity, getting spotted. Still it’s done now on Xbox. Now it’s created in the correct order others have the freedom to take the targets in any order.

SONKO Challenge #70
3-27-7743395-54 (Xbox)


SONKO Challenge #71
3-29-6727581-54 (Xbox)


Xbox user here–just want to say thanks to you guys for making these really challenging contracts. They’re so nervewracking sometimes. Always keeps me thinking. I noticed that SONKO in H1 and H2 have about four Xbox contracts per level–will we see more Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin?


SONKO Challenge #72

3-28-6670748-54 (Xbox)
1-28-5157665-04 (PC)
(Thanks, @Shrodax)
2-28-5165223-09 (PS) (Thank you, @Loner)

Contract Information

Cleaver in ground floor kitchen.

Annabel is flirting with bodyguard on first floor.

Ruben is guarding outside Alexa’s bedroom on top floor.

Ray is forever cleaning the sideboard on the first floor.


I do worry about making them a little too hard, but if people want more of a challenge then I won’t hold back with the next one I make down the road, but I want to leave it a while to see what others come up with in the meantime.

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Since you remade mine on Xbox, I’ll return the favor for PC. Contract ID: 1-28-5157665-04


HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #72 (Euler13) NO LOADOUT - YouTube(4:14)


Amazing run! Thanks for playing and what a great route. No loadout too!

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Damn i need to catch up with sonko…


Sonko challenge #71 recreated on Ps4.



I really enjoyed figuring out this puzzle contract. I think that Agent Davenport is the linchpin of this contract. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else comes up other approaches.

SONKO Challenge #71 (5.09)


@Euler13 sorry, my contract ID is for SONKO #71, the one in Berlin with the 5 ICA agents. I still didn’t recreated your sonko #72, but I’m planning to do it in the next hours. :wink: