SPOILERS The Constant story question in relation to previous games

Had a debate on another one of my threads earlier and it got me thinking about something - during the Isle Of Sgail, did the Constant PLAN on getting caught by 47 and Grey?

I mean it seems like this could be a mastermind plan or that he could’ve just simply got caught and improvised. But is there any definitive proof in the game which indicates he actually planned to get caught so that he could use 47 to kill off the rest of the partners and take over Providence entirely?

Diana says he escaped by bribing one of the sailors so it does seem more likely that he just made the best of things but I’m just curious because 47 says to Grey that they underestimated the Constant after the Dubai mission which only really makes sense if the Constant had planned all of this because I don’t 47 would be impressed simply by The Constant being able to bribe a sailor :joy:

Just brainstorming really because I love the lore of this series/franchise. Wondering if there is something I missed.

I think you’ve read it correctly.

It’s a bit of a damp squib as far as the plot is concerned, and the complete antithesis of what we were all expecting. The whole set-up pointed surely towards somebody betraying 47 by working together with the Constant.

I suppose 47 was admiring the Constant’s charisma: even when bound, he could persuade some sailor, semi-loyal to 47, Grey and Diana, to free him.

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Ye to be honest it would’ve been a great twist if he did plan it all i.e. The Constant was leaking them information all along by helping them to take out their Providence targets which actually helped him in turn because these targets, such as the Washington twins, were trying to seize power from him and now he could be in full control. This would make it so that although they always seemed to be a step ahead of the Constant that he was actually playing them the whole time.

But the “nah he bribed a sailor boys” line goes against it because IOI would likely instead have Constant’s own people pick him up if the above was the case.

I don’t think he planned on getting caught or having a kill chip implanted in his head. As he said, he plays the hand that’s dealt.


Ye that’s true. Maybe. I thought he could’ve been saying whatever they wanted to hear at that point but there aren’t any lines or clues in the game that support my theory to be honest.