Spring Roadmap 2023 Thread

Hold the hell up there: for the main campaign? Does that mean the main campaign only, as in playing the Liability as a regular ET or in Arcade Mode, or trying to start there in Contracts Mode will still have the locked disguise? Or does “main campaign,” in this context, mean anything outside of Freelancer, in order to match the fact that this is possible within Freelancer but nowhere else? Better be the latter, because if the former, this makes no difference to me at all.


What about Paris auction :smiling_face_with_tear:


Back in the January Patch Notes we made a mention of the so-called ‘Muffin Trick’ being inadvertently patched out of the game. As it was an unintended change, we’ve remedied that so that it will function as it once did.



That looks really interesting.

I will be honest : I lost interest in Freelancer once I had finished the mastery 100, and even then the most fun I had was during the first 10-15 first campaigns as I collected the weapons. (ah the memory of making the freeloader list).

The last four challenges (50, 100 campaigns, 500 leaders, 2500 members) were too far away and boring to be immediate motivation.

The first campaigns, the weapon wall collection was when merces were useful, missions had a bit more flavour, and progress was visible. I then played with purpose.

So having the prestige objective to do it again 5 more time is genuinely the best thing for me. And will make me replay Freelancer (and to be honest Hitman). Good decision here.

And if my maths is correct, the 5 prestige level should guide me from the 33 campaigns I currently have (what I needed for mastery 100), to high 80/90 campaigns done. By which point I will see the 100 campaigns / 500 leaders as close enough to be motivated to do.

I do hope that the prestiges will arrive with some unlock. But more as a optional bonus to be honest.

Finally @Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI : is there any news about The Coin™ ?

(Please make it a permanent drop in the safehouse basement, always spawning next to the map, ready to be taken. Why not as a reward for prestige ?)


Many thanks for providing us all with this new information preview for the upcoming patch. I’m looking forward to reading the fixes and improvements to Freelancer. I’m excited about the prospect of what Prestige Mode can bring to the table!

Fingers crossed that they have added Freelancer-only exits to the main campaign missions - Bangkok riverside exit for example.


Some interesting stuff, especially the part talking about bugfixes and improvements.
Also the freelancer tweaks that are very welcome :+1:

Looking forward to the next update!


And Mendoza view of the winery


I like the addition called FREELANCER PRESTIGE.
I welcome the addition of elements that make me want to play again and again.

If further additions are still allowed, since the freelancer mode has the concept of money, I think more elements could be added.

For example, as was the case in “Hitman Blood Money”…

“Power up and customize weapons”
Elements that make the best weapons out of weapons that have no characteristics, such as pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles, etc.

“Escape with the default suit”
An element that requires you to escape in your initial suit when you escape.

“Bribes to lift area alerts.” .
Element that the area alert can be bought with money to return to normal status.(normal mode only)

Freelancer mode has the potential to be more fun.


Patch updates sounds great to be fair.

I’m liking the sound of the Prestige laptop, however, the grid for all the weapons again will be a killer, especially with reset Merces :joy:


Do you guys think the missing coin in the Freelancer tools briefcases is linked to the new Prestige feature?

Maybe it shows up as a reward?


It’ll be rough to start again without my beloved weapon collection, but I’m still looking forward to the fun of collecting them all again. :grinning:


Could been worse - they could’ve sent us back to Level 0 and relocked all unlocks.

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Lets gooo

@Clemens_IOI do you mind to detail and tell us if it’s just the muffins or the rest of the boosting items fixed as well? (Violin, Brick, etc…)


Also, I just want to say, if I end up making any contract on the Yacht, it will most likely be an HCCE puzzle of some sort with loud guns, the most interesting concept


This is kind of a mixed bag.

Prestige in Freelancer is all about risk/reward. Once you’ve unlocked everything, you can start fresh with a higher base payout and XP bonus, earn the trophies for your Safehouse and show off your Prestige Level.

More like it’s all about grinding that stuff all over again. Feels like a lazy addition to me, like it is in every game where I’ve seen something similar. And XP gain from Freelancer compared to contracts is already insane, this is just gonna bridge the gap even more :confused:

On May 11th, we’re expanding Contracts Mode to now include the ICA Facility location. More specifically it’s the Freeform Training mission that takes place on the yacht. Many of you will have spent hours and hours here in the HITMAN 1 beta back in 2016 and we’re excited to see what contracts you create here. Look out for some of them in the Featured Contracts section soon!

This on the other hand I really like, I hope to see a few good featured contracts there.

The following HUD elements can either be toggled ON (default) or OFF:
Lookout Proximity Indicator, Assassin Proximity Indicator, Alerted Territory Indicator, Merces Indicator.

And yet still no SA indicator in Freelancer :confused:


That also means these starts enable a briefcase in your loadout. Especially in Patient Zero that is super nice as getting your large item required you to get all over to the garage. :slight_smile:

I am also eager to play around with HCCE on that map, though first roaming the map with that idea made me realize how little the map offers for contracts. I fear we will quickly run out of ideas on it. :confused: Still glad it will come.

When making contracts on non-contract missions was still possible in early H3, I even planned to make HCCE inject an extra menu to start creation on the yacht ingame. Luckily I postponed that until IO made it impossible anyway. :sweat_smile:


Eh, we don’t really know that, though, do we, about the briefcases? It says it removed the forced disguise restriction, that doesn’t necessarily mean it removes a restricted loadout.


I hope for a free loadout in Carpathian, one day.

The outfit will be here, but the fact that it will be from level 2 make me think it will just be the suit. And same for patient zero and Berlin (restricted for Berlin).


Suit starts enable the briefcase, disguise starts disable it. If a starting location enforced a suit, it behaved like a disguise start:

  • Paris auction
  • Mendoza invitation area
  • Patient Zero
  • Berlin club entrance
  • Dubai skydive start

I can only see the club entrance to not change in that regard as it has an additional restriction (no Pistol) that might also override the briefcase logic. Unless we can pick a pistol there too after the patch.
I added the skydive start too since it counts as a suit but is also restricting the loadout, more than the club entrance.


Freelancer Prestige doesn’t sound fun at all. Sadly because there are trophies attached, I assume there will also be challenges which will mean I will feel compelled to do it for my 100% challenge completion quest. :frowning: