Start of the game, confused

Help I have loaded the game ps4 but I am not getting any visual prompts on were to go next which is confusing. For example I watched a vid and at the start of the game after hitman got the lads clothes it visually proplted him to go downstairs to the door pin code and when he got there he got a verbal command of what the code is. I got neither so what have I missed, don’t want to play on it any more till I no I can do the game. Thanks

Might be a settings issue, although I would assume hints are turned on by default? I’m on PC but the options should be there for you as well:

If it’s about the tutorial pop-ups that pause the game with hints, I think that was “Global Hints”, but I’m not 100% sure. If you mean the greenish lightbulb for story mission objectives, then it would be “Mission Story Guidance” - turn that one to Full if you want to see the precise location of where to go.


Will definitely give it a try been though setting but no change to gameplay.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the Hitman series, but thought it would be worth pointing out that exploration and freedom of approach are important in Hitman gameplay. Each level is a mini sandbox which can be completed in many different ways. There’s not just one linear path you have to follow. Instead, you can decide for yourself where to go and what to explore. This might seem daunting initially, especially when you first start with a big level like Dubai. However, there’s no wrong way to play Hitman. You can try whatever you like. The more you explore, the more you will learn.

Am I right in thinking you are trying to play Dubai? I make this assumption because you mentioned needing a “door pin code”. With regard to these pin codes, the numbers are hidden throughout the level. Sometime they are written on a post-it note located in an office. Other times you might be able to overhear a guard saying the code out loud. If you don’t have the patience to find these codes for yourself, they are as follows:

  • Ground Floor Staff Area Doors4706
  • Floor 2 & 3 Security Room Safes6927
  • Floor 5 Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe7465

As you move around the level, you will overhear conversations and locate clues which might give you ideas for methods of killing your targets. Sometimes you will come across “Mission Stories” and a prompt will appear on the screen allowing you to follow these stories. I would recommend following these Mission Stories as they should provide you with some of the guidance you might be seeking.

I hope these pointers are helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions!