Steam Not Recognized This Installed Game! [Solved]

Hello Friends,

I have been playing this game on Steam for few months. But yesterday I have got an error on Steam. Steam could not find out this installed game. It’s strange the other games like Dota 2, Star Wars, Destiny 2 show there. But this particular game “Hitman 2” is not showing.

Has anyone faced this similar kind of issue before? Kindly help if possible. Thank you,

Hi Helmer,

I don’t play games on Steam, but I didn’t hear a similar issue happened to H2 owner, either. Maybe you can try troubleshooting by yourself first? These guides could help.


Thank you YellowZR1 for your enormous help. Also this article helps me a bit to resolve the issue. Most of the time I would like to play games from Steam. Its a great satisfaction. And I enjoy a lot playing D2. Thanks a lot. :grinning: :grinning:

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