Still can't access Hitman Legacy Pack."Not currently available"

Still Can’t Access Hitman Legacy Pack DLC , Help Please. ( Xbox One )

I own Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 , both on disc, both on Xbox One.

Gone through the motions, read the guide on this forum, got my official “invite” in-game ( in Hitman 1), qualifying for the legacy pack dlc", followed those instructions, checked everything I can think of and at the end I still end up with a ‘Not currently available’ in the game-store.
Any help would be appreciated, it’s driving me mad and evidently I’m doing something wrong…

‘Not currently available’ in the game-store is where I’ve been stuck now for weeks. Please help.

Thank you

I’m guessing this is for the Standard Legacy Pack to play within H2? I recall reading on here awhile ago that got delisted quite awhile ago.

afaik you can only redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack now, so if you don’t own the H1 GOTY edition you’ll need to purchase the upgrade in order to get the free GOTY Legacy Pack for H2 which is still redeemable.



Thanks for your answer. I just assumed the “Steelbook” version of Hitman 1 was ‘the best’ and would get me all the bonus missions and Legacy add-ons. Clearly I was in error.

Just so I am clear, could you specify which GOTY ‘upgrade’ (H1 or H2?) I need to buy in order to have access to all H1 levels within H2 ? (one that would still be available)

Perhaps you can help me further as I intend to buy Hitman 3 shortly (as soon as I get my hands on an Xbox series X ) and would love to have all the levels available within Hitman 3 ( after I buy it )

Sorry for being all n00by but there is so many ‘editions’ n it just cornfuses me. I can’t afford to buy packs and hope it will be the right ones. So any advice is greatly appreciated.

So first : which GOTY upgrade do I need to get H1 levels within H2 (I own the standard disc H2) and then to future-proof it : which H2 upgrade or H3 (preferably disc) version should I purchase to finally have all 3 games levels available to me within H3 ?

Thank you very much in advance. I wish you good health, a steady aim and hope you enjoy the summer.

Sincerely .

If you own The Complete First Season, ensure that you have access to all six episodes and the Summer Bonus Episode. If you do, you can buy the Game of the Year Upgrade add-on for H1 to upgrade H1 to GOTY Edition. If what @thrison mentioned is true, you should be able to redeem the GOTY Legacy Pack for H2.

I DO NOT recommend buying GOTY Legacy Pack for H2 directly since it has a pricing error that has not been corrected for years.

For H3, what you own for H1 won’t matter. It only matters what you own for H2.

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Hi thrison.

Thanks very much for your advice. I finally got off my ass and managed to find the right upgrade pack (sadly not free, but managable) and after a 35gb dl I can now got H1 upgraded and started enjoying the both games from the beginning ,with sweeter gfx etc.

Much appreciated friend. Take care and have a good summer :slight_smile:

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hey 93-126

Thanks to your advice and tristons , i’ve managed get off my ass to locate, pay ( sadly no longer free for me ,i was too late) and download the correct packs. 35gb and some dikking around, I finally got H1 upgraded and operational.

Very sweet to enjoy the better GFX and instantly did the Marrakesh Escalation to get the Sieger 300 Ghost Sniper rifle so I can FINALLY get some Silent assassin & Sniper only 'challenges DONE. // so.

So, Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated

Have a good summer buddy and see you around :slight_smile: