Stop featuring non lethal kill contracts

They are so annoying. Im trying to do the “go bananas over quartz tan” and having watched a couple of vids and using the same pistols i have tried over 20 times. I hate these kind of contracts.


“Non-lethal kill”, because not every death results in death.

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Just shoot the guy in the leg and proudly take the slightly lower star rating as a protest for this particular contract. You’re not Quartz Tan’s slave. :smirk:


Imagine how frustrating this one would’ve been if kill conditions could be mandatory like in the Escalations.


Well technically they’re mandatory if you want 5 stars.


I have long refused to deal with them. Killing with fruit, shooting people in the leg to “distract” them, shooting walls, and that sort of thing are not how I choose to play. I’ll happily take less stars.


What’s the problem? No one is forcing you to play such contracts. I didn’t like the banana contract either, so I used the “gun lure trick”, lured the target into the bushes and killed him with a banana and forgot about the contract.

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“Such contracts” are exactly these that are featured for a broad player base, so I think it is legit to have more expectations than usual.

I also think these should not be featured. They are not always bad, just not accessible without Youtube guides.


@Urben, Do you know if IOIs have ever given their opinion on eliminations by banana, apple, etc.?

They aren’t “bad”, they are just “niche”. There are some players who will use any existing mechanic in the game to increase their score, get another star, or just finish the level a second faster. For these players, contracts requiring banana kills (or any kills with otherwise non-lethal methods) are perfectly fine.

The problem is that “Featured Contracts” are not just community contracts. They are essentially “rubber stamped” by IOI (whether IOI actually play tests them or not - they advertise them openly in the live tab of the game).

In doing so they are tacitly endorsing that glitches and other methods are valid ways to play the game. If that’s the position that IOI wants to take they are welcome to but they also have to accept the idea that they are turning off a segment of players who aren’t going to use these methods.

In my personal opinion using gun lures, killing via non-lethal items, and other similar methods are no different than cheating but as long as IOI continues to endorse them they will continue to be exploited.

I think Clemens said to not pick them anymore, after the batch with the Dubai apple contract.


Aiming a gun can also be harder with a controller than a mouse. So basically if you’re on console, completing this kind of contract is even more stressful


Man, people really hated mine, huh… :sweat_smile:

I agree, once was enough!

(I don’t play FC’s anymore, but I’m sorry to those that are encountering more of them. It’s an exploit, while not really “challenging” but moreso incredibly specific…)

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At the time of submission, there was no rule on it, hence no need to be take the blame mate, I realized later the apple contract was fun though. The more interesting part was to lure the target to the restroom from the top floor and get him in the restroom (saving time while going downstairs and simultaneously the target goes there).

Regarding Go Banana contract, the main fun is not using the banana but luring the target out of water and avoiding shooting in leg of the target (which could give fall accidents).
In future, I wish we have more types of eliminations methods/conditions which are realistic and logical maybe in future hitman, these will overshadow the fruit kill.

Regarding FC, as per my experience I got that -

  1. you cannot make everyone happy in any contract
  2. for best case, there must be different styles/types of contracts (such that atleast all players like maybe 6 to 8 out of 10), thankfully now it is around 10.

In short, I believe we must enjoy FC like a marriage catering buffet :crazy_face:, you may take and have food which you like and ignore the one you dont like (maybe just taste them) :wink:

like this -

Now some of the one who just read this will go and check out the fridge for some eateries :crazy_face: