Strandberg Evacuation

Hey everyone I’m going back and making some new SASO runs of old maps, using whatever method I think would be cool. My Strandberg route is making him evacuate, taking out Zaydan, then blowing up a scooter as Strandberg runs past it.
I have some questions to ask before I start routing, however.
First, what’s the best way to evacuate him from a distance? I’m probably planning on shooting at him so what’s a good vantage point?
Second, about how much time do I have to work with after the evacuation starts? I’m worried that when I evacuate him I might not have enough time to take out Zaydan.

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Depends what you mean by “from a distance”

I’ve done a similar run before, my advice would be setting off the fire alarm in the consulate. I recommend shooting the one in the underground car park, not too hard

Either way, good luck with your run :green_heart: hope you post a cool vid


By from a distance I mean from the market, like a rooftop or a street where nobody will spot me taking a shot

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For what I can think of it’s shooting him through those big windows being on the roof or from side street where Zaydan’s meal is. Main goal here is remain unspotted.

I think about 3-5± minutes will be the answer

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It´s definitely possible from the ledges you use to get from the market to the carpet shop rooftops, the way AJ Nguyen does it in his video (aroud 1:40). Dunno if it´s the best way, but definitely a good way.

One can also shoot the fire alarm next to his office door from the rooftop where you start as a mechanic. But it is hardly visibly through the window.


Hey thanks all for the help! I’ll post my run here after I do some routing when I get back from my trip. Trying to decide between taking Zaydan out from a distance or going in. I always try to get a flow going here. My grand plan with these runs is to get rid of waiting or backtracking and either do a unique up close kill or a distance kill. My favorites are trap set ups though.
I think my proudest kills are from my mendoza and berlin runs. Especially the sniper accident set ups I used. Hopefully this Strandberg kill will be up there. Since I’ve messed around with routing I’ve appreciated the maps a lot more. Marrakesh I used to hate. But now…