Street Surg3on's Surgical Strike Featured Contracts - May 30th 2024

The new batch of Featured Contract is out.
It was curated by @STREET_SURG30N

The contracts are:

  • The Surgical Shinobi, in the Hokkaido Snow Festival, by @STREET_SURG30N
  • The Lethal Blow, in Chonqging, by AKCSE
  • Nursing the Wounds, in Whittleton Creek, by OverloadedNation
  • The Plague Surgeon, in Sapienza, by @AgentSnail47
  • Palm Angel of Death, in Mumbai, by @Tnega74_Mumbai_Enthu
  • A Murder Most Foul, in Dartmoor, by @Crewdy
  • Paging dr. Reaper, in Isle of Sgail, by @Ozzygrl
  • Triple Treat, in New York, by bunjy1982
  • A Poisonous Edge, in Berlin, by Laambicus
  • Blade Running, in Miami, by Dizzy shrimpy

Congratulations to the contracts creators!
And as usual, the topic is here to discuss the batch, post runs, and all related.


Cheeky guy, said yesterday or so IO would never feature a contract of him so he gave up. :joy:


It was a misdirect to point people in a different direction :joy:


Looks like a very cool batch, looking forward to playing it, well done @STREET_SURG30N


Cheers mate, I appreciate it. Hope u enjoy it.


So honored to be a part of this @STREET_SURG30N I admire your thought behind a contract creation. Thank you so much.


@Ozzygrl Ty and i appreciate u taking this journey with me

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Ahh nothing on Haven Island! There’s a single Scalpel on that level behind glass and a sleeping dude - tricky to acquire quickly. I didn’t even know it was there until either Urben and/or KevinRudd made a contract using it.


Guys, what’s the overall feedback on these as I’m away and can’t get stuck into them yet. Easy or challenging?

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More challenging than usual, though i didn’t play many featured contracts before. There’s room for creativity on Chongqing, Sapi, Hokkaido, Miami, Mumbai, Berlin and Dartmoor, both routing and setting up kills is fun even if targets are static, like on Chong.
Not sure about WC, Sgail and NY, i just played them, but didn’t come up with anything interesting. Some of the contracts allow knockouts, while i’m sure their authors wouldn’t have allowed them if it wasn’t made for a featured set, because they’re enthusiastic about this sort of playstyle, which made them more accessible, i guess. Good batch overall, i liked it.


Surgeon’s contract done with no loadout.


Finished this batch this evening and have to say this was a pretty solid selection.

Top 3 for me were The Surgical Shinobi (This had me scratching my head for a little while and then it clicked), Paging Dr.Reiper(I left this one for last just cause I’m not a big fan of Isle of Sgail but it was very good), and Blade Running (I liked optimising my route for this one originally had a 5:27 time and got it down to 3:23)

Well done @STREET_SURG30N


Cheers @SecondShaun, i appreciate it

Nice run with the no loadout, ty for playing it. @Tsta

This should say isle of sgail, by the way!


Probably last time improving this, enjoy.


Perfect execution, man👍