Anybody know this dude? I congratulated him on beating a couple of my times on Featured Contracts and got no reply. He has been posting near impossible times on other contracts, escalations, missions, etc. The thing is, I checked his XBox profile and he doesn’t have a single achievement on any of the Hitman games! What is he? A mod user? An IOI employee? Or just a plain cheat? I find it a shame that some of us put in numerous runs to get a good time only to have someone like this steal the top spot with a time that simply cannot be achieved during normal play. He’s never online and I find this suspicious at the very least. What a shame if he is robbing the rest of us who play fair and I personally couldn’t feel good about cheating just to be number one. My 2nd and 3rd places in some are satisfying to me just knowing I can compete with the rest of you whom I can see are pros. Just my thoughts and I kept my vernacular clean to avoid a suspension, but I really have some better adjectives to describe people like him.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I think you are taking it a little bit too seriously dude.

Remember, we are talking about a video game. It’s not a matter of life and death.


Game has and always had cheaters.
Just don’t mind them. Or report them if possible


True. Just disappointed that jerks like that exist.

Right on. I still enjoy competing with the guys I know both here and on the game. A solid bunch of assassins for sure!:+1:

What times does he have? As far I am aware there are no ways to cheat on console.

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He’s everywhere. Missions, escalations…you can’t miss him on the Featured Contracts, even the new ones in Hitman 3. I just find it puzzling that someone can be that good and have zero achievements on all 3 of the Hitman games. It doesn’t make any sense and some of the times posted are unbelievable. I’ve seen Frote and Wedge play, and they are damn good players. I can’t even do what they do. I find holes in some runs and get lucky. Sometimes I find my own way and then try other players runs for fun even in failure. I was just curious if anybody knew anything about him.

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I did one of the featured contracts in Chongqing where you had to go into the ICA facility as a homeless person. Someone’s time was 2 seconds. There are sadly always cheaters in games like this. I don’t know if it was him though…

Bummer. IOI should ban people that pull that garbage. Never happen, though. They prioritize $$$ over integrity. Just another paying customer pulling off a 2 second contract.:see_no_evil:

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I remember playing with this guy in Ghost Mode dozens of times and I even have a fair share of beating him too. Occasionally I’d see him placed first in every trending contract - I think he also makes his own too as well. He seems dedicated to playing this game and more often than not I’m amazed at when I check the leaderboards, him and a few other memorable users like Strontium Wulf and Ed B all have their fair share of being at the top of the leaderboards, and occasionally StrongarmGankdU doesn’t appear first.

One time I invited him to Frote’s Discord server to which his response was he wasn’t interested, because a Ghost Mode tournament was being hosted at the time. Because we played each other for a while we congratulated and shared our experiences. Before those string of messages happened he DM’d me a Miami contract he created. I played it and even sent him a video a time better than his set time.

Aside from the fact that most trainers on Xbox hardly exist the biggest takeaway I can get out of him is he spends an incredible amount of effort playing and replaying a contract to get the best time. That’s just how he operates - of course it’s going to get you well known for that. There’s a good chance he also watches tons of speedrunning videos for a carbon-copy run or inspire him to find a time based on that, but I rather not accuse him of something that isn’t proven when there’s other factors to deduce from him. I don’t think he cheats, he’s just dedicated. I commend him for that.


Thanks for the info. I’ll take your word for it.:sunglasses:

yeah no he seems legitmate, i’ve occasionally beaten his times on trending and featured contracts, but he’s a grind monkey and usually if I check back a day later, he’s improved the time by a few seconds or so. definetly not a cheater.

That seems to be the case for me too. I’ve battled back and forth with him on contracts as well. The curious thing is that if he’s that good, how come he has no achievements in any of the Hitman games? That seems impossible if he grinds that much. His Xbox profile shows no achievements on any of the 3 games in the trilogy, so I’m not 100% convinced. He’s bound to have picked up quite a few cheevos along the way. Some of his times in the mission stories show that they would be unavoidable just by completing the missions. Something just doesn’t seem right…

There’s a setting in your Microsoft account where you can hide your games list in your profile. You can also do this with other stuff such as friends lists and profile history.

Achievements also aren’t a good indicator of player skill. Someone could have tons of achievements but is terrible at the game. What matters here is context, and as far as Strongarm demonstrated he’s apparently good at scoring top times on leaderboards.

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Yeah, I just found the setting. I don’t delve that deeply into that area. Learn something new every day. I barely have time to play Hitman most days. Again, thanks for the input.:+1:

Bump. I just found this thread and have always wondered the same thing. He’s been killing it since H2 came out.


I doubt he’s anyone in disguise. You could apply your logic on anyone in the leaderboards and that could work synonymously - except it’s a little flawed because, once again, he’s dedicated.

I think you’re overanalysing them a little too much to be worked up over. If anything it seems you’re more obsessed with leaderboards than someone who’s constantly on there. It’s nothing more than a metric anyway, why spend the effort?


Yeah , this. He watches the fastest runs and duplicates it.

WGAF? :rofl:

Ignore that shit @Jack_Mustang and enjoy the game.


That’s fine. Didn’t mean to bash on your parade or whatever. :slight_smile:


Let us be upset with his bullshit copycat runs!!!111111


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