Stylish Assassin Achievement/Trophy

Does anyone know what is required to unlock this mysterious achievement/trophy?
It simply says, “Get 10 different Playstyles.”

This trophy requires you to earn ten of these ratings by playing through maps differently and completing them:

I’m not sure if Silent Assassin overrides these or not, so you’ll probably have to play a little sloppier :wink:


Argh! I’m not sure if my obsession for perfection will let me do that!

Thanks for the heads-up, Philipp. :+1:

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I hate this trophy.
If the stuff I am reading is correct, it basically says you get different styles by different completion methods.

Several of these methods involve being spotted and combat, two things I avoid instinctively.

Do any of these styles even count if you get Silent Assassin?


I got the trophy and it only made me like it less. “Here’s a trophy for being sloppy - in several different ways!”

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