Suggested change to [Perfect Shooter] Objective

I’ve seen more people than me being very confused by this perk not meaning you missed a shot, but meaning that you made a shot NOT ON A HUMAN.
You will get an automatic fail on this objective if your shot hits anything but a human. In theory that sounds like a cool idea, but this also means that shots on anything that isn’t considered a human such as a camera, a propane tank, a surveillance recorder, or an electrical socket also counts as having missed your shot despite those being very deliberate actions.

Now I think [Do not disable cameras] is interesting enough to be its own objective, but I think that making [Perfect shooter] punish you for shooting cameras and surveillance recorders is misleading, you are very deliberately shooting those and not just “missing your target”.

I assume right now that the [Perfect Shooter] objective is programmed to check for
Did the shot hit a human npc: Yes/No?
Which is simple enough, but here is my suggested change to how perfect shooter should work
Did the shot hit a human NPC or interactive object: Yes/No?

This way the [Perfect Shooter] would work more like you would expect it to.
Any object that has an interaction that happens when they are shot such as cas canisters, fire extinguishers, propane canisters, electric sockets, cameras, surveillance recorders, oil drums, water barrels, will all count as deliberate shots. Meanwhile any shots that hit the environment, water, the skybox or a solid non-interactable object would be considered a miss. The [Perfect Shooter] Objective would now instead only be a challenge not to miss any shots, which will still be quite a challenge with a lot of weapons.

If you like the challenges the current [Perfect Shooter] unintentionally impose on the player I would suggest maybe adding some objectives with similar challenges such as
[Do not disable cameras]
Objective will automatically fail if you destroy a camera or the surveillance recorder.
[No accident kills]
Objective will fail if anyone is killed with accidents like oil drums/water barrels/propane tanks or drowning/falling (I’ll leave it up to IO if poisoning would still count as an accident)

(I do not know if either of these are already in the game as I can’t find any list of all objectives available in freelancer)


I feel like the no firearms challenge covers the things I like about the perfect shooter challenge and like you said the name implies it’s about unintentional misses so I wouldn’t mind this change.

As long as they don’t change how it works in contracts or better yet add no firearms and all of the other new freelancer complications into contracts mode.


With regard to “Perfect Shooter” I believe missing the human target with a firearm can possibly result in a certain senario where the bullets may not only hit a wall or other non interactive object, but aslo, the very real probabillity of hitting a ‘survalence video recorder’ or a ‘ccv camera’ accedentally - while quickly dispaching a room full of guards that are working inside a security room or a guard at the end of a hallway. You must disable the video recorder with your hands only. As to how to disable ccv cameras without a bullet, the hitman should be able to find a can of hair spray or a can of shaving cream from a bathroom or a can of spray-on cooking oil from any kitchen, to blurr the cameras for a quick slip-by, thus creating a distraction to alert a guard to investagate the camera and clean the lens - muttering obscenities as he wipes the camera clean, thus making the camera active again but leving the guard on alert for ten minutes or so.

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In a way I like the idea of shooting interactive things like you said. But in another, there are other options to deal with the situation like using a breaching charge or bigger explosion like a ducky to destroy cameras.

I wish they would bring back the ability to destroy cameras with items like throwing wrenches, fire extinguishers at cameras like it was back in h2016. Not sure why they patched it out.

Wait that was a thing in Hitman 2016? I have literally never even heard about this. I would have used this so much if it was a thing in Hitman 3

Ya it was. Then they patched it out. Sad face.

With shotguns, every single individual pellet must hit an NPC otherwise Perfect Shooter fails.

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OMG really? WOW what a DUH! moment.

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Good for all shots must hit or you fail contracts.

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It looks like they’re doing this for the latest patch coming out today.

Unfortunately it seems to me from what I read on the patch notes page that it will only be cameras and surveillance recorders that can be hit [on top of the usual NPCs] but not all interactable objects.

Edit: It also looks like we’ll be able to throw items at surveillance cameras to disable them again, like could back in 2016.

When you can only kill a target via an oil puddle or leaking gas tank - the player is forced to search crates for a ‘Big One’ firework, or breaching charge… I haven’t tried explosives because I assume the blast would be too big and kill the target via explosion instead of burning. Acc Explosion might still be possible. But that’s also assuming you find a (or enough) FE in a level.