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Does anyone know how the forum determines what should or shouldn’t be a “suggested topic”? I frequently see something in that list at the bottom of a page but they’re usually from months ago (or longer). It’s not a problem, just wondering what the algorithm is.

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The Suggested Topics list will show any unread topics that you are watching or tracking that are less than 90 days old. If there are fewer than 5 unread topics in the list, random topics that are less than 365 days old will be appended to the list. The Suggested Topics list first tries to load topics from the same category as the topic you are currently reading. If there are less than 5 topics from the category that can be added to the list, topics from other categories will be chosen.


However on an old forum a few times I’ve been suggested topics that were created 5 or even more years ago. One of them I clicked was created back in 2016


Thank for the answers! Out of curiosity, as I’ve never seen it specifically mentioned here, what does this forum think about resurrecting old topics like that? Some forums actively discourage replying to topics that are essentially dead. Some discourage setting up a new topic when an old one already exists. Is there a best practice for dealing with old topics here or is it better to start new ones if the same discussion needs to happen again?

If you have something fundamental to say - go ahead.
But replies like “wow, it’s been ages and I only just found this topic” are not welcome.
I think you understand what I mean


That probably was an administrative decision:

From meta:

It’s largely a matter of it’s warranted.

People wanting to revive topics with interesting bits of discussion, such as if they find new easter eggs or new escalation puts a new spin on an old topic ietc is good.

Just I want people to avoid bumping topics because they want to try to pressure others to engage, and well… this.


I specifically don’t have it set up to lock old threads because some of them are always relevant and some of the topics (like say, any of the old games) have theoretically long passed any arbitrary time of discussion… yet people do find interesting titbits and fresh perspectives now and again.

Particularly if they’re new to the series.

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