(Suggestion) Have an option to increase the 5-kills limit in Apex Predator

Loving the game so far, and was especially impressed by Apex Predator (Berlin) which I’ve replayed 3 times.

However, I am a little disappointed that after 5 kills, the other agents start fleeing and it’s very difficult to kill them if you aren’t near the exit points.

I would like an option to remove this 5-kill limit on repeat playthroughs and be able to continue picking off the ICA agents like normal until none of them remain.


I would like that too. It’s also a shame you can’t recreate this in contracts mode since it also has a similar five target limit

At first few playthroughs I thought the same. Now I think 5/10 is just fine.

I did a few runs now where I killed all 10, all it takes is to subdue 5 that strategically are far off Thames, Green,. Price, Banner+Monty where they meet, Rhodes, Lowenthal are easy to subdue and hide.
Then do whatever you want, kill the remaining 5, then casually stroll around to necksnap.

If all 10 would be a hard requirement, it would turn out annoying. I really enjoy having them as targets, but the fact that you can pick 5 different of them each run is what makes up for the shorter and less interesting individual paths.You can play club only, or warehouse only, or be all over the place. Like several missions in one.

Options are always fine of course.


I wish they had made the handler a physical NPC on the map and if you took her out then the agents wouldn’t be able to communicate so wouldn’t know how many were left and when to flee. Then you could take them all out in one run

Tbh on my first few playthroughs I assumed the handler would be physically there and was quite disappointed when I learnt otherwise :upside_down_face:


Heh, that would be the top notch solution. Beats an option to tick in the menu anytime. :+1:


Interesting, but there has to be a witness (at least one), a survivor, who could tell the others what he saw. :wink:

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You mean sending a message? Just have Olivia send the earpieces back to the ICA shipped in the respective ear of their former owners


Maybe we could use a new thread for suggesting changes to different maps or gameplay in one place, because I don’t think we have one.

They could add an optional objective where once you’ve eliminated five, you can continue to eliminate the remaining ones, or just leave.

But I guess that would mean the eliminate a fleeing target challenge would have to be removed.

I thought the same thing :rofl:

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If it’s any consolation, you still can kill the ICA agents that try to escape and keep your SA rating, even Suit Only.

Just leave Thames as your last target (guy close to the crane) by first KO him and returning to kill him. The rest will come to this side of the way and won’t fight back, so they are running ducks towards you. Even add insult to injury and run over their corpses by escaping using the scooter.


I personally like it how it is. I think it allows the mission to feel different and new every time.


For now as a possible workaround for killing all of the agents would be just knocking all of them out.
Then just run over the map (or gather all or most of them in one place) and go ahead

I mean, I wouldn’t change the main mission, to me I think the solution would be to just make it a bonus mission. One that has 7 kills, another that has the full 10 kills. Just have the bonus missions share mastery, have all the same spawn points and agency drop offs, just simply that the evacuation and the exits don’t trigger until 7 or 10 ICA agents are killed. That and not tie any challenges to these higher kill versions, make them purely optional.


Genius idea! Will try it tonight.

easiest way to get 10 is to knock the 5 out that “ambush” you in the Hirshmuller opportunity, then kill off the rest, but it feels too meta rather than actually actively hunting them down

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That sounds pretty good, if she was somewhere a bit far off like inside the truck in the gas station that would work well

I don’t think you could just have some sort of toggle, so it would have to be a level mechanics change in general that I doubt is possible.

I thought there would be an opportunity to disable a radio tower, and then kill them all when they cannot communicate with a handler. I think its a missed opportunity in this otherwise great mission.


But what if you accidentally disable the radio tower, without knowing that? They would’ve to make it very obvious to the player that doing this, makes the mission harder and longer. Worse if this is your first run of the mission you’re probably going to think you have to kill them all every time and then hate the mission and never play it again.

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