[Suggestion] Poisoning food and drink with darts and syringes

It would be very handy if we could poison food and drink using other methods. FOR EXAMPLE, if a player brings a Sieker 1 dart gun as they need an emetic effect on a guard to proceed at some point, and later find themselves in need of poison to incorporate into food, they could be able to directly shoot said food with their second dart to poison it.

It could also encourage the use of syringes, by making them injectable directly into food or drink to benefit from their effects in case actually syringing an NPC didn’t turn out very useful, making these items more versatile.

To BALANCE this change and avoid making vials completely useless in comparison with syringes, poisoning food or drinks using the latter could be made an illegal action, even wearing a waiter/cook disguise. Same for dart guns: shooting such weapons is already illegal. Their relatively short range makes them unusable from too far away, which is a good thing, not to make them too overpowered.

I think this change would be a welcome one. Besides giving more purpose to underused items, I think it even makes sense: the visual look of the Sieker 1 dart gun spells “VomiTOROL”, the game’s emetic poison name, we can otherwise see written on vials. Syringes make even more sense used as regular poison. The animation of 47 injecting poison into an object is even already there, thanks to Miami’s opportunity with Sierra Knox!

Poisoning using dart guns would be more of a fun Easter Egg than an actually encouraged feature. I suggest game tips should mention syringes, but keep the dart gun option up for the player to discover.

Let me know what you think of this idea!

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I was playing a contract for Santa Fortuna, and was by the Shaman’s hut. I had one poison, and also got a lethal poison flower. The Shaman and other guy were still there around the kettle. So, I placed the 2 poison vials ON the kettle… They stayed on top like there was a small invisible platform. I hid in some nearby bushes and shot the vials with my gun. I wanted to see if they’d break and ‘spill’ into the kettle. Nope. One fell to the ground and the other fell over.

Would’ve been neat if they did break though. :confused:

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