Suit Unlock Ideas

This thread is just for posting ideas and/or pictures of suits you would like to see 47 wear either in DLC or in Future Games.

Here are some of mine:

The Three Piece Tuxedo that Tom Jones Used to Wear in the 60’s:

The Saturday Night Fever White Suit:

The Orange Tux From Kingsman Golden Circle:

Black Masks Suit from Batman Arkham Origins:


Black Neon City Suit with gloves. (The original below is blue).



Made a wee comparison.



I would also like to put a gray jacket on the Midnight Black Suit.

I want a light blue suit like this :

Any suit with a cravat.

We still don’t have one, even as a disguise or simply NPC suit. I think the only time we’ve seen it in Hitman franchise was in Blood Money :slightly_smiling_face: A big oversight, in my opinion

Richard Delahunt

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After seeing the new White Shadow suit, I think a suit like the outfit from the Absolution sniper challenge would be awesome. The classic shirt and tie with the shoulder holsters. Bonus points for the ear piece.


Since we got the turtleneck, I’d love to be able to unlock the Italian Suit without Sunglasses.

They could do it the same way, where completing the Icon would unlock it.


I’ve always wanted a button in the inventory just to toggle headwear on and off so that the normally sunglassed suits would fit in the night maps as well. The Colorado outfit and Sgàil tux would get so much more use from me without their respective headwear.

Ideally, we could add headwear too, to put the mask or sunglasses on any suit, but I understand the UI isn’t really built for it and its far from priority.


that would be the perfect suit imo. the signature suit with gloves is grey-ish compared to the absolution and blood money suit and 47 looks skinny somehow


I want to play as the NPCs on console without needing a mod. I know that it would just be suit only than but I don’t care haha

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I’ve said since before launch that I’d pay a decent amount for like Grey and Diana unlock skins :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


a new signature suit


I would love the Hokkaido ninja outfit across all levels without Atampy’s mod


Same as I wanted all the way back in Nov of 2016.

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Hokkaido ninja suit, Vampire magician and Janus ones. And also Mainard John

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A Signature Suit Mk II, that’s hot pink with a white 2 on the back. Maybe a Mk III too, that’s bright red with a black III on the back.

Alright, for a serious suggestion, I really enjoy the Raven Suit, so I’d like another “tactical” styled suit, but ideally one that follows the principles of 47’s usual suit and tie combo. Inconspicuous body armor, more pockets, maybe some kind of strap on his back so weapons placed there aren’t just hovering, ecetera.

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