Supported languages, Trinity pack for Asia

So the pre launch guide says new rating system on playstation is the reason that preoder is not available in Asia but the game is available.when it is out.
Does it support the languages of those region? Also, there isnt a way to get the oreorder bonus trinity pack in those region?

No Trinity Pack and PS4 theme for South East Asia PlayStation gamers.

Ppl on Twitter asked them about it and they just told the guy to f off, and now we know it’s because they knew they won’t offer preorder for SEA PSN, and there’s no reason to offer the bonuses then.

Or maybe they’ll offer us the Trinity Pack for $20, seeing how they’re desperate for cash by making PC users to buy Hitman 2 again even if they own it already.

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hmm, they actually said f off to their potential customers!?

Of course not, but the recent announcement isn’t very satisfying either. You know, things like we Asian PS players don’t get to pre-order, PC players have to pay again to gain access to H2 maps, etc.

I did hear a rumor about Chinese will be supported by the end of the month. You may check this post to know further:

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Unless it’s not a photoshop-fake, I’ve seen a screenshot of them telling so some time ago.
Happened on reddit, I believe

not quite, but they never answered that Josh guy on Twitter if they’ll find a way to offer Asia PSN users the Trinity Pack and PS4 theme because they never had the chance to preorder, and Josh just kept asking, and they finally replied and said stop “SHOUTING” at them.

Now we know the reason is because they don’t want this to be noticed by anyone so they can protect their reputation. Didn’t work out so well now since they still shoot themselves in the foot.

here’s the tweet.

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cuz they’ve been trying to hide the fact they never planned to give South East Asia PSN users the preorder bonuses(Trinity Pack + PS4 theme), but thanks to Josh they finally had to mention it in the pre launch blog post.

  1. They lied on Dec 17th saying they’re in the process of getting age rating thus Hitman 3 is not available for preorder on South East Asia PSN.

  2. Then they didn’t mention the word “preorder” when they were NICE enough to reply again on Jan 4, which means they knew there would no be preorder period on South East Asia PSN at least since Jan 4th, but chose not to announce it.

  3. On Jan 5th, they basically told Josh to shut up so no one will notice it.

  4. And finally yesterday, they used the shortest paragraph to announce South East Asia PSN won’t have a preorder period because of age rating issues, but miraculously they’ll be able to have it available for purchase on South East Asia PSN at the time of release on Jan 20th.

According to the blogpost, they’re NOT going to give South East Asia PSN users the Trinity Pack and PS4 theme because these are preorder bonuses, and they don’t care South East Asia PSN users cannot preorder because of IO’s own fault.

Judging from how they’ve been lying this whole time, big chance they will be secretly telling ppl on Jan 20th, that they decided not to release it on South East Asia PSN due to various circumstances out of their control.

So the embargo is up and also someone on the net got thier copies earlier. Are there any update information regarding the supported languages?