Surprising things about your life

Here’s a space to share something surprising, something crazy, something unexpected about you, someone in your life, or something that has happened to you. Anything that’s really out of the ordinary, whether tragic or funny or just interesting, the kind of thing you’d share with new friends or acquaintances over drinks just to tell a surprising story.

I’ll go first: my little brother and I used to be babysat by our grandmother along with another kid in the neighborhood when we were in elementary school. That other kid is now in prison serving a life sentence for multiple homicides.



My grandparents on my father’s side lived in a village and they had this German Shepherd mongrel for keeping an eye on the sheep. Mean dog, they did a poor job training him so it was very vicious, killed poultry and even managed to kill a sheep once or twice.
When I was ~2 years old, I wondered unsupervised near him and he bit from the back. Almost died then, lucky an aunt managed to save me. They had to take me to the closest city’s hospital. I still have the bite marks on the upper and lower back.
Throughout the years the dog managed to bite a few more people in my family so in the end they put him down.


Damn, you’d think they’d have done that after it bit you. Once an animal, any animal, including dogs, crosses the line and attacks a human, for any reason, it is a virtual certainty that they will do so again. Can’t take the risk.

Then again, we don’t use that precaution with some humans; my old babysitting buddy notwithstanding.


Dunno what they were thinking, I still remember the dog once I grew up a bit and I was always afraid of him. I remember even more when one of my uncles came rushing trough the gates and simply collapsed on the ground, bleeding badly from the hand. He tried to stop the dog from biting a sheep. Lucky my great grandma was home and she patched him up real quick. That’s when they said enough is enough.


TL;DR… I was robbed at gun point and have a knee replacement.

I’m not sure how interesting it is, but a couple things… I was once robbed at gun point back in December of 1999. On a Monday Night/Tuesday morning, 13th/14th. I had the T.V. on in the back office area of the hotel I worked at, I had WCW(?) Monday Nitro on. :sweat_smile: In came a guy wearing a bucket cap pulled down over his eyes, a blue stripped shirt and khaki cargo pants, and had a strong smell of alcohol on him. He first asked how much for a room, I told him. The next thing I know he points a revolver to my chest, cocks the hammer back, and tells me to give him the money.

It took a second but it dawned on me what was happening. I put my hands up, moved to my left towards the cash drawer, then he jumps over the counter and gets behind me… Probably to make sure I did give him all the money and didn’t try to set off any alarm. He took all of the bills, and the rolls of quarters. Then he had me go into the back office to give him the (VHS) video surveillance tape, I did. Then he had me go to the laundry room. That’s when I start telling him he doesn’t have to do this.

He did ask me for my wallet. I reached into a book-bag I usually carry it in. It wasn’t there! I told him that I must’ve forgot it. He also asked to get into the office… Probably thinking there was a safe in there, and that I’d also know the combination. There was a safe, I didn’t have a key to the office, and even if I did, the owner would never give me the combination.

So back in the laundry room… He had me lie down on the floor, pressed the gun to my temple, said; “If there’s any more money out there I’ll come back and blow your fucking brains out!” I told him there wasn’t… He went back to the front, then doubled back to get the cash drawer keys.

It was at this point I got up, went out of the door I was lying next to, then ran down the hall to the stairwell to get upstairs.

I knocked on the door of a guest that had been staying there for a few weeks. He didn’t answer. So I thought I’d try the room of the guest I last checked in (since that was the only other Rm I knew someone would be in). I knocked on his door, he opened up, I told him what happened and was able to call the cops from his room. They came… I had to fill out a police report… My body was aching from the adrenaline rush. The perp was long gone at this point.

You’d think most people that went through such an experience would be given some time off to recuperate. Nah. Not Dawood Ran… I mean, the owner of the hotel. :roll_eyes: And I’ve got to say it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

A few weeks later I gave them my 2 weeks notice. Then one day I get a call from the owner telling me the guy they had working nights sexually harassed (touched or grabbed her inappropriately) the gal that works the morning shift. So he was fired… And I’ve been at the same place (still) since.

Later, I found out this guy had robbed other hotels along the Interstate. He was caught after a high-speed chase where he went off the road. He was sentenced to prison for ~20 years for multiple counts of armed robbery and assault, etc. from what I recall.

The other thing is that I have a partial knee replacement in my right knee. I say partial since I still have my kneecap. I had contracted JRA back in 6th grade. It only affected my knees. My right knee had it first, then my left knee got it sometime later. In my early 20’s, my father (God rest his soul) was employed by a rehabilitation center that was run by the State we live in. And it just so happened that any child that still lived at home up to a certain age would be covered for Medical Insurance.

So most times if I go through a metal detector, like at the courthouse, or (if it ever happens) the airport - it’s going to get set off, then I have to show them my card that says I have a medical implant.

Maybe someday I can get my left knee worked on. It’s kinda messed up right now, like a bad knock-knee. I hate it. But it is what it is.


Mines nothing special, but I was born without vocal cords. That’s it. It contradicts an old post of mine, thanks to hating discussing the topic. That’s really it.


Wow, I didn’t know that was a thing. Non-functional I can understand, but not even there?!

If I may ask, and no problem if you decline to answer, but was that ever corrected with anything, like surgery or an artificial voice box, or have you remained physically mute?

And for @Tetrafish_21… goddamn, man!

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I’ve been left untouched. It’s not too bad, trust me
It would be great if we could move on the subject, it didn’t help much while growing up. Especially in the shitty schools I got put into.

Also, I don’t think that artificial vocal cords are a thing, and a voicebox wouldn’t work anyway due to my lack of vocal cords in the first place.