Switch version is running worse than last week

Last week the Switch version played totally fine and I put in about 15 hours. But the last couple of days have been horrible. The game is completely unplayable and moves extremely slow and laggy. I have no clue whats going on :confused:

Maybe restart your router and Switch?

This is most likely caused by your internet and not the game itself.

You have various things to try.

  • Get a better router.

  • Get closer to the router.

  • Get better Internet if that is available.

  • Kick everyone off your network when you play HITMAN 3 Cloud Edition.

  • Connect to a 5G connection if available.

  • Restart Router.

I understand this came off as abrasive, but this is a genuine response. Your issue simply stems from Cloud Gaming and needing a stable enough Internet Connection that is good so regardless the experience is bound to be inconsistent on occasion.

Also, using a wired connection can help.

I’m using a brand new mesh system and this is happening when I’m right next to the router, while no one else is on the network. My Internet is 100Mbps up/down. And like I said, it played just fine last week from anywhere in my house while my wife ran two streams (one on the Apple TV and one on the iPad). Is it absolutely on my end? What would have changed?

I should add I also have control on the switch. This still runs totally fine on the exact same setup.

How are other Switch games doing? It more sounds like a Switch problem than a Hitman problem.

EDIT: I mean if you own games that are streamed like Hitman on Switch.

Yup I have Control Cloud Edition and it works great.

I woke up early and played at 6:00am eastern time and Hitman worked perfect! So I’m finding it harder to believe this is an error on my end…

I think it is an internet issue. Not calling your connection crap, but unless you live in Japan, the only other Switch game that runs via cloud is Control and look:


I suppose what you could try next time is restart your network. Power cycle and wait 30 secs before turning the network back on.

If your mesh has a LAN port, it might be worth it to get a USB LAN adapter on the Switch Dock and play there.

Take note that in Cloud Gaming, sometimes, the issue is with Ubitus servers. That’s beyond your control. If, for example, there’s a sudden spike of Hitman 3 users, everyone who is playing is going to feel that hit.