Synchronization of Hitman 3 EpicGames to Hitman 3 Steam


Just a quick wonder… I’ve tried looking everywhere for a way to synchronize my level and acquisition(DLC,Mastery levels in game…,ect.) on Hitman 3 EpicGames to my Hitman 3 Steam purchase i made today…I’m a big fan of the game and just looking to synchronize everything for the achievements on steam… silly me. Would love to just continue towards steam instead of Epicgames not a fan of the platform… :smiley:

Thank you for your help!

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As I understand it, syncing progress between H3 on Epic and H3 on Steam isn’t possible. The best you can do is perform another carryover from Hitman 2 on Steam to Hitman 3 on Steam.

The ONLY exception that allows players to perform the carryover process more than once, is for players who choose to carryover progression from HITMAN 2 (PC/Steam) → HITMAN 3 (PC/Epic), including those who have already done so. These players will be able to perform an additional carryover from HITMAN 2 (PC/Steam) → HITMAN 3 (PC/Steam). For the sake of clarity, please note that it is not possible to move progression from HITMAN 3 (PC/Epic) → HITMAN 3 (PC/Steam).

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Yeah already done it but my progress didn’t carry on. Even tho i would purchase back the DLC of the 7 sins and any others that do exist. I think the synchronization is only repertoried with EpicGames servers and not a unique iOi cloud save… i’m not quite sure why the progression cannot be synced i would of thought that the synchronization is a unique entity that doesn’t affiliate with Steam or EpicGames.

The IOI account is required to save sync between Steam and Epic. Saves are stored offline, then synced to IOI’s servers (and your account if it’s linked). Why IOI can sync between their server and Steam and THEN to Epic, but not the inverse is baffling to me. It’s not impossible for the Steam or EGS API’s to handle as Rocket League, Fall Guys, Paladins, Rogue Company, even Hades (an otherwise offline game that was epic exclusive, remember) has cross saving between PC and Switch via their own server setups, and Epic themselves have actively endorsed cross-platform and cross-saving between launchers; same goes for Valve.

Hell, your IOI account lists your DLC’s, so they could in theory give you DLC between platforms too; they simply don’t want to do any of that, and stranded EGS players on one launcher, while bending the knee to (justifiably) angry steam players from the start of H3’s life. It’s an amazing double standard when you think about it.

No, this isn’t not possible because of technical limits or anything; it isn’t possible because IOI says it isn’t, and we all have to deal with those consequences. IOI are being obstructive and it really ticks me off, to put it mildly.

Sorry for the angry-ish rant, by the way.


no, ioi officially stated that h3 epic to steam carryover or sync will be impossible

@Dribbleondo I felt the same way don’t worry and thank you for this constructive message! :slight_smile:

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“impossible because we don’t want to do it” doesn’t really mean impossible.

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Just to play devil’s advocate, “because we don’t want to” is a perfectly legitimate reason for a company not do something. I assume they had a team of executives and lawyers look at the options and decide not to allow that particular synchronization direction. Just because they haven’t told us what their actual reasons are doesn’t make them less valid.

They could be invalid, but we just don’t know that.

its their company, we’re the consumers

They have no obligation to do it and it may actually generate additional sales from people who happen to want it on steam.

Since it offers no financial incentive, either anticipating a large PR backlash or one actually occurring would be the only motivation to do it.

However, evidently they didn’t expect that to happen and, indeed, it hasn’t so far.

Whenever a PR disaster rears its head, suddenly mountains can be moved - the phenomenon has been witnessed countless times; if there was a popular outrage that made its way through the gaming press, this would be no different.

Of course, that’s not going to happen; this is annoying, but not outrageous.

No, we are customers. We have a say in how they are run, and have more power than we think. As @Olipro mentions, if enough stink is made, they’ll happily comply and try and make the audience happy again.

Remember ETA and Shoulder Swapping? Those got reverted; the latter taking 8 months longer than it needed to, but It did get reverted. And ETA got reworked two months later to be considerably more freeform. Those are just examples from H3 that got IOI to listen.

But of course, that hasn’t happened, and IOI anticipated that. To use the Hades example again, the developers did that because it’d be a cool feature; AFAIK it wasn’t done out of people asking, same goes for the other games i’ve mentioned. They knew people would want it, regardless of how few people use it, and made it anyway. We shouldn’t have to rely on backlash to get things like this done.

It just comes off as a bit weird that transfers can be done one way but not the other, despite all evidence to the contrary.