Syndicate Ideas

u/CaptainDreadEye came up with ideas for what syndicates they’ll like to see other than the 8 we already have. I don’t have Reddit, but I thought it’ll be fun to drag the convo over here.


M.O.: Extorting people’s secrets for personal gain. Destroying reputations and lives.

  • The Slave Driver
  • Secret Keeper
  • The Paparazzi
  • Milverton


M.O.: Elaborate financial crimes and identity thefts to rob people of their money. Laundering money for terrorists and other organized criminals. Manipulation of stock markets.

  • The Trickster
  • The Accountant
  • The Vault


M.O.: Abetting thefts of priceless valuables. Trafficking stolen property and cultural items. Heists with no regard for casualties.

  • The Stickup Man
  • The Banker
  • The Fence

I’m no good at writing MOs, so I’ll just go with titles.

Heist Crew

  • The Hacker
  • The Pickpocket
  • The Muscle
  • The Charmer

Drug Trafficking

  • The Cook
  • The Cleaner
  • The Manager
  • The Heir

Sex Trafficking

  • The Siren
  • The Trader
  • The Wasteman
  • Cobra


  • The Wizard
  • The Psychologist
  • The Personality


  • The Propagandist
  • The Chef
  • The General
  • Pale Moth

MO: Professional career criminals who specialize in high security vaults or buildings, the more valuable the better.

MO: Smuggling drugs across boarders, seas & anything that puts green into there pockets.

MO: Crazed individuals who get off at abusing and trafficking people for sex and easy favours.

MO: These egotistical eggheads enjoy nothing more than deceiving political and social figure heads for there own personal gain.

MO: Extremists whom love to see nothing but violence, war and decay, usually crippling weak governments of third world countries to start riots and protests.

I’m sure some people can give it s better go than me!



M.O.: Corrupt officials at every level using their power and influence to benefit themselves. Elected officials, police, lawyers and judges, working with or for the criminals they are supposed to pursue, either through funds or favors, keeping the poor powerless, and the wealthy happy.

  • The Mayor
  • The Chief
  • The Shyster
  • The Candidate
  • Golden Boy
  • Mr. Big

Yes darling, you called me?


An animal cruelty syndicate. Don’t know how that would work or what names we could use, I’m just super enraged right now after watching TikTok videos of abused and mistreated animals and want to fucking kill the people who do it, if just vicariously through the game.


I wish when you fail a syndicate mission, they can hunt your safe house down and attack it (toggle feature).

Since we have to be online to play, why not be able to invade other people’s safe houses? We can use our Merces to buy defences and place them where we want, and the goal can be something such as merces from the vault or a weapon from the wall.

Maybe be able to move the rooms in the house around to make it a challenge for the player to find the goal so it’s not the same every time?


Hunting endangered animals for sport, profit or simple enjoyment from hunt. Animal cruelty is guaranteed. Often engaging in bloody gunfights with park rangers.

Objectives would include stuff like Shotgun/Knife/Sniper rifle kill, Perfect shooter, Proximity Explosive kill.

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Would be good to think of objectives for these syndicates

eg Fraud
Wear 3 different disguises
Don’t blow your cover
Hide all bodies