T-47 Challenge Talk

I used the disguise you start with without ever switching and it worked just fine. It really seems to be the exit bug.


I didn’t try the starting disguise as I didn’t have the mastery by then, but the biker one that seemed to be a problem for me was taking it from the undercover ICA agent. Can’t confirm as I already have the challenge done, though :frowning:

It’s not might be the problem, it is the problem.
Agent’s disguise doesn’t count as a required disguise neither in Whittleton Creek nor in Berlin.
I thought everybody know this thing by now and it’s even not worth mentioning

Can you switch between different shotguns or does it have to be the same for every kill?

Started another thread on this (apologies for the repeats), but always felt that using a silenced shotgun goes against the spirit of the challenge.

I get that these unlocks/weapons are available, but why not just make it a silenced pistol challenge then?

Did Arnold use a silenced shotty? Nope.

To those saying: well, it’s going to be hard to get SA on it! Well, yeah… isn’t that the point?

I suspect IO could have enforced it to be unsilenced if they wanted it to be.


Of course. It’s a personal thing. Whenever I see these (typically unsilienced) weapon challenges… most of the characteristics of the weapon is negated by using a silenced version. At that point, what’s the point? Really doesn’t make a huge bit a difference than using a silenced pistol.

I was already piling up the 5 agent bodies around the biker area to get all agents in one run, so SA was quite easy :laughing:

LOL, using the Berlin Club owner’s trigger. Knock everyone out, then use the sawed off shotty. It works. It’s a small exception to my issue with silenced versions, but fair point.

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Always feel that using a silenced weapon in typically “loud” challenges seem to go against the spirit of the challenge. I realize that IOI makes these unlocks available, and they’re there to be used, and that achieve the challenge is legit because it utilize the weapon class stated in the challenge.

I still think it goes against the spirt of the challenge and these “speedruns” with silenced shotguns bug me. I realize this a personal thing and I mean no offence to anyone that uses them. Just feel like: what’s the point of then?

I’m not fully understand what are you trying to say here, because T-47 challenge needs to be done by using the short shotgun that bikers are carrying. Those shotguns not silenced.
You mean the challenge still works with any silenced shotgun? If that’s so, I would say it’s definitely a bug

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I don’t think a challenge deserves two threads now.

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My apologies then! I’ve seen T47 successful runs with silenced shottys. Perhaps this is bugged?

It doesn’t. This is my bad. Merge if possible?

Thanks Urben!! Sorry again about the repeat post.

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I had a similar plan in mind, glad to see you doing it with the Rolf trigger :smiley:
But i’m curious, why did you bring a shotgun with you?
When you kick the desk there is a sawed off shotgun attached on the underside of the desk.Which can only be grabbed if you kick the desk. (I ask cause i saw a bunch of people overseeing it/never noticing it)

That’s not my upload that you quoted, but yes I did bring one.

I didn’t know about the desk one.

Rolf Trigger?

Rolf Trigger= Triggering the meeting between Rolf Hirschmüller and Montgomery :wink:

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I managed to do it just fine with the Shotgun unlocked from the Carpathian Mountains mission. So silenced shotguns do work but it’s likely more reliable just to use the one already in the mission to ensure the challenge pops.

I just had the same issue where the challenge wasn’t marked as complete and can confirm it looks like an exit bug.

I had a save game after killing 4 agents so I could retry using the same methods, the only difference was that in my first attempt I exited from the left side of the motorcycle and in the second I went from the right (same motorcycle in the garage)

I pacified many guards by throwing stuff at them and used a shotgun found in the bikers garage. I even used my pistol to destroy cameras, so apparently the only requirement is there you only use shotguns to kill agents