Tad bit racist, this game is

Now, not all games need to be perfect, but this game went off the rails with stereotypes. For example, in the Temple City ambush level, Agent Smith refers to Indians and their Turbans as “Towelheads.” And in the background, Muslim Prayers be heard as background noise, which is strange since the level is set in Punjab. The level “Terminal Hospitality” had some references to real life hinduism, this and the Death of Hannelore, were apparently based off of “Sri Harmandir Sahib”, the Biggest and most Holy Gurdwara in Sikhism, which of course spawned backlash, all im gonna say is, chill on the stereotypes next time IOI.

Next time?


Of course anything is going to look bad if you take something from 21 years ago and then compare it to what is acceptable in today’s world.

If you compared it to other media released in 2002, you’ll find that it’s actually not that bad and generally falls in line with what was deemed acceptable at the time.




Firstly, why does this need to be a topic?

Secondly, while yes it’s distasteful it’s important to understand that this was where games was at the time. It’s not an excuse for stereotypes and insensitive behavior, but rather an explanation. What’s important is IO and the writing team moved away from this behavior.


Racism in video games? Never noticed.

I think H2:SA got censored in the Steam / HD Collection for consoles though retail copies and GOG version remain intact.


I don’t care. Hitman has violence, violence against women and its just a video game. Never look to a video game for social ideals. Don’t play it.
Hitman is just fine the way it is.