Talk about life stories

this is a page for talking about stories in your life, bizarre or mundane, post them here (no too inappropriate stories here please!)

so my story is:
for me once i got my entire right arm got stuck in a couch and the ambulance came and said they wanted to saw my hand off but my dad did a big brainer and got it off safely


How did that happen? Was you trying to get something?

Was they being serious?


first question: i was a very smol child so my grandfather was sitting on those couch that you could lift up something to put your legs on, so i put my arm there and he closed it

second question: yes they were being serious, they were idiots because my father had bigger brains than medically trained professionals

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Ummm sime glaring facts that i might waht to point out to you logically speaking (no Offence ofc)

  1. i think the paramedics are more Capable at medical acts that your dad just saying (i have no idea if your dad is a paramedic or a person with highly capable skills eg learned from the army or something)

he got it out using lubricant
and the paramedics couldn’t figure that out before deciding to saw my arm off

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Ah well i just thought that (if i were you in that horrible moment) you might trust a paramedic staff over your day with a bottle of lubricant also hmmmm lubricant :laughing:

whats so funny
are you thinking something that is sussy bussy

Maybe maybe not :smirk: :joy: