Talk from Bug Report #1

Isn’t a bug, that’s just a feature.


It’s definitely bugged. It’s way overpowered and the other sniper rifles that have come from Sniper Assassin have the other ammo types removed. Plus the HUD gives no indication about the ammo types, indicating it was purposely suppressed and it’s not meant to be there.

It’s funny make them explode, i dunno what’s up with a fringe if hitman player i like play stealth but i also like this things. Hitman it always been a game of choice between total destruction (with his consequences) or silent assassin. At this point let’s him just with a silenced gun let’s remove all the funny weapons like: smg, druzina, shotguns after all we already lost silverballers.

It’s enough logic that them wanted druzina artic like this, it’s nice i like it and I hope them keep it.