Tamara Vidal Electrocution Kill (Mendoza bug?)

Hi all,

I am playing, “The Last Farwell”, on Master mode via H3 Epic (PC).

Lately, I have been trying to get Tamara assassinated via the electrocution death-trap in the security room of Mendoza.

Before, I was able to lure Tamara with the water puddle from the leaking water cooler with complete consistency. I did not need to do anything other than wait for her to go to security and conduct her business there. She would always walk to her death without hassle.

Problem is now, her guards are being distracted by the water puddle and getting killed instead. Every time I try to replicate my strategy, one of her guards somehow notices the puddle and attempts to clean it up, thus killing him instead.

Did something change with the AI code? Did IO change how NPCs react to water puddles that are not caused by overflowing sinks? I do not understand what changed with the AI logic, but it seems something has made them more perceptive to potential accidents.

For your reference, I have attached a video of someone trying this kill out successfully. For some strange reason, Vidal nor her guards react at all the water puddle. Vidal just walks past it and ends up getting killed, as planned. The kill is even easier than my successful attempts, which could be because it was done on professional mode, but I am not so sure.

If you would like to see what is happening in video format, I would be more than happy to record my gameplay at that moment. I will do so if there is enough interest in this thread.


So no response from this brilliant forum. I must be speaking to myself then, I guess.

Fine, I will keep talking to myself then.

Cheers for the help guys,

Pulling this out of purgatory so I can answer it, and you can see it.

As far as I know, how puddles work is the same for All NPCs. If an NPC sees a water puddle you created, no matter if they’re civilian, staff or guard, they’ll walk up to it and try to clean it up (then the puddle disappears).

I did it recently in Paris to get Novikov’s bodyguard and then Novikov himself to investigate.

From your video footage, it’s a bit weird that the guard doesn’t immediately notice it and Tamara walks on by.
Maybe it has something to do with Diana initiating a scripted moment, and that directs the guard’s attention towards her and blocks him from seeing the puddle.


I just don’t know. When the AI in this game is frustrating, boy is it frustrating.

Have you tested this in both master and professional modes since your first post?

When I get some time I’ll boot up Mendoza and try it out myself.

When doing water cooler kills, because of the frustrating randomness of the AI, I usually will try to shoot the surge protector from a safe spot across the room so as not to kill anyone accidentally.

None of this solves your problem; I am just voicing my shared confusion. Some testing would give clarity.

But it’s like with guards and sniper rifles now. Don’t know if they changed anything with the AI but for months people have been complaining that guards almost instantly find you when you’re sniping. Kinda takes the fun out of sniping altogether when you have to run and hide in a box. So yeah— AI shrug ?

It’s easy to get rid of that bodyguard. No not tamper with that water cooler before that. When that entourage is walking out and heading to stairs, just throw a coin or something like that on front of a container which is on right side of your video’s thumbnail. And before Tamara and Diana comes back, set the death-trap.